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Taillights are a very important part of safe driving, especially at night. But you might find that your brake lights work but your tail lights don’t.

Even if the brake lights are working properly, the car behind you might not see you. Because of this, tail lights that don’t work could cause an accident.

There are many reasons why tail lights might not work, but brake lights always do.

Reasons Why This Can Happen

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1. Burnt Bulb

The light bulbs in your car’s taillights work just like the light bulbs in your lamps at home. So, just like the bulbs in your home, your tail lights can also burn out.

Also, the bulbs in your car’s brake lights and tail lights are different.

So, the bulb in the taillights can burn out while the bulb in the brake lights doesn’t. Because of this, your brake lights will work, but your tail lights will not.

So, if your tail lights don’t work, you should check to see if the bulb is still good.

2. Dislocated or Damaged Wiring

Tail lights won’t work if the wiring is broken or messed up, but brake lights will. Each light bulb has its own power source, so the wiring for the two lights is different.

If you just had an accident at the back of your car, this problem is more likely to happen. So, the lights that are breaking might still work if their wires are not broken. If your power cables are broken or missing, this problem will happen.

3. Blown-out Fuse

In the same way, a blown fuse could be another reason why the tail lights don’t work but the brake lights do. Each piece of electronics in your car is linked to its wick. So, when a certain fuse blows, the light it controls stops working.

This is why the tail lights might not work even though the brake lights do. When a fuse breaks, the circuit stops working. You need to check the fuse to see if this is the problem with your tail lights.

4. Electrical Problems

If your tail lights don’t work, it could also be because of an electrical problem. But if that happens, you’ll need to take your car to a mechanic. Most electrical problems happen when a fuse blows out or when the wiring isn’t done right.

How to Check Each Component

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1. Burnt bulb

You should check a few things to be sure that your tail lights are broken. One thing to check is a burned-out bulb, which is easy to do.

Either the trunk or the lenses can be taken off to get to the lamp. After that, you can take the bulbs apart and look for ones that are burned out.

Also, a signal light on the dashboard of a car shows when a bulb isn’t working right. You can also use this signal to check if the problem is with your bulbs. Also, you can check to see if the filament in your lamp is still whole. The thread on working bulbs is still there.

If you find that the problem is the bulb, all you have to do is replace it. Car bulbs can are available at a local automotive store.

2. Damaged or dislocated wiring

It’s easy to check the state of your taillight wiring. To get to the wires, you need to open the trunk first.

If the cables are not tight enough, the tail lights might not work. In this case, all you have to do to fix the problem is hook up the cables again.

But to fix wires that have been cut, you need to go to a mechanic.

3. Blown-out fuse

If your fuse is blown, your tail lights might not work. The fuse for the car looks like any other fuse.

To check this part, you have to first find the fuse box. But turn off the car’s engine while you check the fuse box.

Making sure the car’s ignition is off could keep you from getting killed by electricity. You can find the tail light fuse with the help of a flashlight.

Once you know which fuse is the right one, you need to take it out and check it. If the metal inside the fuse is still in one piece, the fuse is fine.

A broken wire, on the other hand, means that the wick is broken. In this case, you can fix the problem with your tail lights by changing the fuse.

Different fuses have different voltages, so you need to check the right one.

4. Electrical problems

Last, you need to check the problem with the electricity. Most of the time, a mechanical problem is caused by a blown fuse or a wiring problem. But mechanics are better able to find and fix these kinds of problems.

5. check Wiring

When your tail lights don’t work but your brake lights do, you should check your wiring. Mice or rats might have chewed on the wires inside your car.

So, you need to make sure that all of the connections are well made.

Also, it’s important to check out the wiring diagram. It will help you figure out how your car’s lights work and tell you how to make small changes.

Also, you’ll be able to figure out which wire to follow to fix the problem.

Wiring problems could also be caused by corrosion. Rain and snow can get into your fuse box and wiring after a while. So, the moisture can cause rust, which can mess up the whole electric circuit.

So, you should check the wiring in your car to make sure everything is in good shape.

You can also catch a problem with your car early if you check the wiring. By doing this, you’ll always be ready to make changes. You will also learn more about your car.

6. Check Turn Signal Switch

In some cars, one circuit gives power to the switch for the tail lights. In this case, it would also include the turn signal light. But not all cars have this feature.

So, to find out if this is how your car works, you should look at a wiring diagram. This diagram will help you figure out if the wires are connected to the signal turn switch.

But you need to figure out which wire goes from the turn signal switch to the tail lights. Then, to fix the problem, you should change the cable. After you do that, your tail lights should usually work, making driving safer for you.

When your car’s lights are bright, other drivers can see you easily. So, that makes it less likely that an accident will happen. Also, you’ll have followed the rules of the road, so you’ll have less trouble with the police.

So, it’s important to always look over your car to make sure it’s in good shape. Also, if you look over your car, you can catch any problems with it early. It also helps you take good care of it


When you own a car, you also need to check it often. This check will help you make sure that everything is working right. Because of this, you will drive safely.

Lights are important in a car because they help you stay safe on the road. Someone could hit you from behind if you were driving a car without taillights. Most likely, other drivers won’t see you if your car is dark.

Because of this, you need to know what could cause the taillights to stop working. Also, you need to know how to tell when a bulb is burned out and how to change it.

It is very important to know how to check for broken wiring and how to fix it. This is very important information that will help you fix the light yourself. It also costs less.

You also need to know how to check for and find fuses that have blown. You should also know where to get them and how to change them.

You should know how to check for wiring problems and how to fix them. It is important to know about all of these possible reasons why tail lights don’t work.

It helps you pay more attention and solve some problems on your own without having to call a mechanic.