Updated at: 28-06-2022 - By: Lucas

Even if you drive a high-tech electric car like a Tesla, you still need to do regular maintenance tasks like rotating the tyres.

And because Tesla tyres are made to work best with Tesla’s unique vehicles, the idea of spending more of your hard-earned money to bring your Tesla in for a tyre rotation may seem scary.

Read on to find out how much a Tesla tyre rotation costs before you go to the shop.

A standard tyre rotation at most Tesla service centres costs about $150. You could save up to 50% if you take your car to a mechanic who isn’t affiliated with Tesla, but not all mechanics know how to work on electric cars. Most drivers think it’s well worth the extra cost to go to a Tesla service centre.

If there’s one good thing about getting your tyres rotated, it’s that many service centres will do it for free.

But to get this service for free, you usually have to have bought tyres from them before.

If you think you’re a good do-it-yourself auto mechanic and are up to the task, you can rotate the tyres on your Tesla yourself for free.

But before you do that, make sure you read the owner’s manual and know how to rotate the tyres on a Tesla. There are a few important differences between an all-electric Tesla and a regular motor vehicle.

Do Tesla’s Need Tire Rotations?

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If you think your Tesla’s tyres need to be rotated, you might want to think about it for a moment before moving on.

For example, standard cars rotate all four tyres at the same time, but some Tesla owners choose not to rotate their tyres at all.

Instead, they just replace the front tyres when they start to wear out and wait to change the back tyres until later, since the back tyres on a Tesla tend to wear out slower than the front tyres.

Most mechanics will tell you that rotating the tyres on your Tesla will make them last longer, but we can’t say for sure that this is true.

In many situations, the cost of rotating tyres may be more than the money that could be saved.

But if you have a Tesla with four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, it may be smart and necessary to rotate the tyres.

Since these cars use all four wheels all the time when they are on the road, we recommend that you change all four tyres at the same time. This will improve the alignment, wheel rotation, and balance of your Tesla.

Overall, we suggest that you rotate the tyres on your Tesla. Most of the time, you’ll end up saving more money while keeping your wheels in good balance and getting tyres that last longer.

How Often Should You Rotate Tires on a Tesla?

There are a lot of questions about whether or not a Tesla needs to have its tyres rotated, but there may be even more questions about how often a Tesla’s tyres should be rotated.

In your Tesla’s owner’s manual, you should be able to find where it says that you should rotate your tyres every 6,250 miles.

But a lot of Tesla owners go much farther than that, and some choose to change their tyres before they reach 6,250 miles.

As a general rule, the tyres on any kind of car should be rotated when they have between 5,000 and 10,000 miles on them.

But if your car isn’t driving right, you should take it to a qualified mechanic or a Tesla service centre so it can be checked out.

For example, if your car shakes when you go 45 mph or faster, it’s likely that you need to rotate your tyres.

Also, if one of your tyres is losing air pressure for no clear reason, you should have it checked out and get your tyres rotated.

Can You Get Your Tesla Tires Rotated at Costco?

Tesla Model X

You may be wondering if any place can rotate your Tesla tyres, depending on where you are when it’s time to do so. Most of the time, the answer is yes, which is good news.

If you live near Costco, the good news is that their employees should be able to rotate your car’s tyres.

But before you leave your car with them, make sure that the person who will be rotating your car has experience and training in doing this with Tesla cars.

If the employees at Costco don’t know how to rotate the tyres on a Tesla, you should do what many Tesla owners do and show them your owner’s manual.

Since the Tesla owner’s manual explains how to rotate tyres quite well, any qualified mechanic should be able to follow the instructions and do a good job for you.

But if you are worried, we recommend that you let a Tesla service centre do the job.

How is Tire Rotation Different on a Tesla?

Since we’ve talked a lot about how some mechanics don’t know how to rotate the tyres on a Tesla, it might be a good idea to explain this in more detail.

First of all, your Tesla’s wheels are balanced in a different way than wheels on other cars. Because of this, the tyres tend to wear out faster, which is why Tesla recommends rotating the tyres every 6,250 miles.

So, if you take your Tesla to a mechanic and tell them your tyres only have this many miles on them or even less, they may tell you the tyres are fine when in fact they need to be rotated.

But what’s even more important is that the lift points on your Tesla are different from those on most cars on the road today.

If you’re working with a mechanic who works on Tesla cars all the time, this isn’t a big deal.

But if your mechanic hasn’t done many or any tyre rotations on Tesla cars before, they will need to read the instructions in your owner’s manual to safely lift and lower your Tesla.

If there’s a misunderstanding about the Tesla lift points, your car will be in much worse shape when you leave the shop than when you first got there.

In some cases, repairs may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Your warranty may or may not cover these costs.

We suggest that you drive your Tesla to a service centre to avoid problems like this one.

As with any other part of keeping your Tesla in good shape, you shouldn’t forget to rotate the tyres.

Whether you think it’s necessary or not, we always suggest taking your car to a place you trust and asking an expert for advice.

Even if your tyre rotation costs up to $150, having it done by people you can trust is worth every penny.