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Nothing looks better than a car that has just been waxed. No matter how often you wash your car, if you don’t include waxing as part of your regular detailing routine, it will never look as good as the day you drove it off the lot.

Now, if you’re like a lot of car owners, you may be wondering if you really need to wax the outside of your car and, if so, how often you should do it. At Driving Geeks, we want to make this process as easy as possible for you. Below, you’ll find some of our car waxing tips and reviews of the best car wax for the money right now.

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Why Use Car Wax?

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Do you think that all it takes to make your car look good is to wash it every so often? What if a nice coat of good car wax could make it look even better and protect the paint job even more? Yes, this is exactly why you should wax your car regularly.

Wax protects your car’s paint job from the sun’s harmful (and bleaching) UV rays as well as debris, bugs, and other dirt and grime that the car picks up when you drive it. Plus, all those shines and sparkles make your car look pretty darn good. It even works wonders on older cars!

How Often Should I Wax My Car?

I’m not going to tell you a lie: waxing your car isn’t easy. This is especially true if you wax your ride by hand. If you’re like me, though, I think you’ll find that once you get started, it’s not so bad.

Just make sure you give yourself enough time to do the job right, instead of trying to do it quickly. And since a car wax job usually lasts between six and eight weeks, you only have to do this every two months. It only happens six times a year.

Of course, if you drive a lot, you might find that you need to put more wax on your car more often than that.

Best Time to Wax Your Car

When you wax your car, it can look a little better. It makes it look as good as the day you bought it and can help bring back some of its former glory. The thing is, you have to use the wax correctly for it to work.

When you wax can often make a big difference in how well it turns out. How the wax reacts and what the final product looks like will be greatly affected by the weather.

Summer Waxing

The most popular time to wash and wax your car is during the summer. After being stuck inside during the cold winter months, everyone wants to run outside and enjoy the summer heat.

Wax doesn’t like the heat as much as we do, though. Even though your car needs to be waxed during the dry summer months, the temperature can affect the wax itself.

If the temperature is in the 80s, your wax will start to dry as you put it on. You will end up with an uneven, ugly, and useless wax coat. To avoid this, only wax when the weather is cooler and in the evening.

As the sun goes down and it gets cooler, wax will go on much better, and your car will have all night to dry since it will be dark. By morning, your wax will have hardened, and you won’t have to worry about the sun making problems where they aren’t needed.

Winter Waxing

The most important time to wax your car is in the winter. Frosts, freezing rain, and heavy snow can all be hard on your car in the winter. Extra care will go a long way toward making your paint job last longer.

Before winter comes, you should give your car a wax to get it ready. This will give the shine a fresh look for the last bit of warm fall weather and give you a good start for when it gets cold. Set up a regular schedule to wax your car when the weather isn’t bad.

Because of the cold, this can be hard to do. Wax should only be used when it’s no colder than 50 degrees, but in the winter, this isn’t always possible. Because of this, the best place to wax in the winter is near a heat source.

This will help make wax that is even and doesn’t stick. Work in small pieces and make sure each one is perfect before moving on to the next. This will be a wax that needs a lot of buffing. To keep the wax soft, you will need to buff it quickly and well.

When the car is finished, putting it out in the sun can help the wax dry and finish the job.

Forms Of Car Waxes

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How you use the wax will depend on what shape the product ends up taking. There are four different kinds of car waxes on the market right now. These are:




compound for rubbing

Choose a rubbing compound if you want the most protection and the longest life. If you’ve never waxed your car before and are on a tight budget, you can start with one of the spray options.

But this isn’t the best thing to do because it won’t last as long or work as well. But it is easy to use and a good way to learn how to wax a car. A liquid car wax is a good choice if you want something that is cheap, easy to use, lasts a long time, and gives your car a nice shine.

If your car has some scratches or other small flaws, the best thing you can buy to make it shine is a rubbing compound. Some rubbing compound waxes have rough materials in them that help smooth out the look of those flaws.

What Is Car Wax Made Of?

If this is your first time doing your own car detailing, you might be wondering what this stiff is made of. Wax for your car can be made from either synthetic materials or carnauba wax, as you’ll see below. At this point, you’re probably wondering which is better: carnauba wax or synthetic wax, right? Well, it depends, is the answer.

The good thing about carnauba wax is that it is natural, which means it is better for the environment and doesn’t harm people. So, if you have pets and want to be able to leave your waxing rag alone, this kind of car wax is probably better for you. The biggest problem with detailing products made from carnauba is that they are harder to put on by hand than their synthetic counterparts.

Synthetic car wax is better than carnauba car wax because it tends to last longer on your car. This means that it will last longer before you have to put it on again. This type is also easier to put on, which is good if you want to speed up the process a bit.

Plus, the shine is usually better or shiner with this type than with natural products. But the protection from synthetic options is not as good as the protection from carnauba options.

If you really care about how your car looks, you should do what most car guys do and use both types of wax. This will give your car the best shine and the best protection.

Types of Car Wax

It’s important to get the right kind of car wax for your car. As the last step in detailing your car, it is the finishing touch that makes all the difference in the world.

So how do you decide which one is best for your cherished car? There are a few different kinds, and it’s important to look at all of them before you choose one.

Here are a few different kinds of car wax you can use to make sure your car is clean and ready to shine as you drive down the street.

Natural Car Wax

Natural car wax is often thought to be the best wax to use on your car. Its most important ingredient is carnauba, which comes from a plant in Brazil called Copernica cerifa. This is more expensive, but it gives your car a shine that synthetic waxes can’t match. Pure carnauba is the most expensive natural car wax you can find, but there are cheaper options on the market. These waxes are made from a mixture of carnauba and petroleum, and they cost less than pure carnauba wax. Natural paste carwaxes can last anywhere from one to two months, so it’s important to keep up with your car’s waxing.

Synthetic Car Wax

Synthetic car wax is the most common kind on the market right now. It is made from chemicals instead of plants, like natural car wax. This wax comes in spray or liquid form, and most people think of it as a paint sealant more than anything else. The only good thing about them is that they are easy to use. They buff out easier than natural waxes and aren’t as hard to rub in. Natural wax doesn’t last as long as synthetic wax, so you’ll have to reapply it when the seasons change instead of every couple of months.

Colored Wax

These are different kinds of synthetic car wax that do a little more than just protect. Wax comes in different colours to match your car’s colour and keep it looking rich. It also helps your car keep its protective shine.

There are many reasons why someone who owns a car might want to use car wax on it. Car wax protects the paint job, makes the paint job last longer, and gives the car a beautiful shine all over. It also makes a great sealant for your car, keeping out bad weather and extending the life and beauty of the outside of your car. To get the best results, you will need to keep waxing, so keep this in mind when you buy wax. A synthetic wax is a good choice for people who can’t wax as often as they should. Choose a natural option if you want the most protection and shine and are able to wax your hair often. Car wax will protect your car either way.

Longest Lasting Car Wax

If you don’t want to clean your car every Saturday, you should choose a wax that lasts a long time. A car wax that lasts a long time will not only make your car look good, but it will also protect it with a layer of wax.

Based on the tests our editors did on the different brands and types of car wax on the market, we’ve found that carnauba wax lasts the longest on your car. Here is what we think is the best product for a long-lasting car wax.

With each coat of Trademark Wax, any colour of paint will look deeper and more rich.

When VOC-compliant polymers are added to the wax, it sticks to the paint and protects it for a longer time.

Wipe it on, wipe it off, and it won’t stain the plastic!

6 Car Waxing Tips For Beginners

When you buy something as important as a car, you want to take the best care of it you can. You want it to always look as good as it did the day you drove it home. One of the best ways to keep this in good shape is to wax it, but don’t just slap it on there. It needs to be done carefully and well. With these tips, you can make sure that you always give your car the best car wax treatment.

  1. Choose the wax that works best for you.

Even though it seems like a good idea to use a coloured wax to match your car, it is not a requirement for the best wax. Many people hope that a wax that matches the colour of the paint will help hide scratches or other flaws, but this is not always the case. The best thing to do is to do some research and find a wax that has what you want and has good reviews from customers. Over time, you can figure out what you like and don’t like until you find the right wax for you.

  1. Wax when the temperature is just right.

This is such a big deal. When it is too hot or too cold, your wax might react to the temperature and not work right. The sun also plays a big role in this. When you wax a car in the hot sun, the wax starts to harden faster on the car, which makes it hard to do a good job. Try to always find a place indoors or in the shade, like a garage. This helps keep the temperature in that perfect range.

  1. Use it sparingly.

Don’t go crazy and cover your car with too much wax. This can cause it to get thick and hard. It’s not a good way to make your car look better or work better. If you’re using liquid wax, put a thin line on the area you want to wax. Put a small amount of paste on a damp sponge and then put it on the car.

  1. Do small parts of the job at a time.

Don’t try to take care of the whole car at once. Even taking one big part at a time is too much. Instead of working on the whole hood at once, do it in two parts. This lets you concentrate on one spot and get it right before the wax dries. When you’re done, it will make you look better and be more perfect.

  1. Let the buffing matter.

To get the shine you want, buff the wax in strong circles. If you notice that this isn’t working as well as it used to, you might want to switch to a clean rag. With this new surface, it will look smooth again, which is what you want.

  1. Make a good schedule.

Even a good wax won’t last forever. Most people should get their hair waxed every three months, but this can change. If your car never leaves the safety of your garage, you can wait longer before waxing it. If you drive the car every day and it can be exposed to bad weather, you may need to do more maintenance depending on how bad the weather is.