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Because my top radiator hose is hot and the bottom one is cold, I don’t know why. Understanding how your car’s parts work is just as important as keeping the car clean and well-maintained. It’s important to know how your car parts work so that you don’t have to worry about things that aren’t true. The cooling system isn’t one of them. Also, check out the best way to flush a radiator with a home-made cleaner.

Why is My Top Radiator Hose Hot and Bottom Cold & Upper Radiator Hose Cold As well

The radiator and two radiator hoses are part of the system (the top radiator hose and bottom radiator hose). People use these radiator hoses for different reasons, and they can be cold or hot at the same time.

So that you don’t get mixed up, I’m going to tell you what it means when the top radiator hose is cold, when the top radiator hose is hot, and what it means for other things, too.

What Does it Mean When the Top Radiator Hose is Cold?

This means that when you start up your car, the top radiator hose might be cold. If it stays cold, the thermostat is broken or there isn’t enough coolant in your car. It’s not normal for the top radiator hose to be cold, so if you see this, you need to change the thermostat or add coolant.

What Does it Mean When the Top Radiator Hose is Hot?

There is hot coolant from the engine going through the top radiator hose to get to the radiator. There’s no need to be alarmed because everything is fine. When you turn on your car, your thermostat is open. The top radiator hose is working as it should, too. Only if the car is overheating or if the hose is broken should you worry. These are signs of big problems that need to be fixed.

Top hose doesn’t get hot until the thermostat is open. As soon as you start your car, the top radiator hose gets very hot. This means that your thermostat doesn’t work right. If it doesn’t get hot in time, you might want to check the range of the thermostat, the outside temperature, the coolant temperature, or the pressure on the engine.

Why is My Bottom Radiator Hose Hot?

In this case, I don’t know why my bottom radiator hose is so hot! It’s hot because your thermostat is broken. When the thermostat opens, it sends coolant to the bottom radiator hose. This helps to keep the engine at the right temperature. In this case, the bottom radiator hose is supposed to get cool coolant, so it isn’t supposed to get hot. It can be warm, but it won’t be any hotter than the hose at the top of the engine.

Why is My Top Radiator Hose Hot and Bottom Cold?

Because the different radiator hoses are doing their jobs and your radiator is in good shape, your top radiator hose is hot and the bottom hose is cold. There are two radiator hoses that move coolant in and out of the radiator. The coolant in both hoses isn’t the same temperature, so the hoses don’t do the same job. The top radiator hose sends hot coolant, and the bottom hose sends cool coolant. This is why you are likely to see this happen.

You don’t have to worry about this at all as long as your car isn’t getting too hot. A second reason why your bottom radiator hose gets cold is because your thermostat isn’t open. This is how it works: Your thermostat doesn’t open and send coolant to your bottom hose until your engine temperature is higher than normal.

Why is My Top Radiator Hose Hot and Bottom Cold BMW x5

Because BMW cars have better cooling abilities and bigger radiators, there’s no need to panic or worry if your top hose is hot and the bottom is cold and your temperature is normal. It’s not a sign of a problem.

There may be a reason for why the top and bottom radiator hoses are different in temperature. The radiator is absorbing heat from the coolant, so the top hose is getting hot coolant and the bottom hose is getting cold coolant.

Should Top and Bottom Radiator Hoses Be Hot?

No, they should not be hot. If your top and bottom radiator hoses are both hot at the same time, this isn’t right. Both of the radiator pipes are hot, which means that the coolant that flows through both of them also is hot. This should not be the case, but it is. Because of a bad temperature blend door actuator, this is what is going on now.

A hose on the bottom of the radiator isn’t supposed to get hot, because it has coolant that is going into the engine. While the top radiator hose is usually hot because it is filled with hot coolant that has just finished cooling the engine, it isn’t always this way. In this case, both of the radiator hoses can get very hot because the temperature blend door actuator is broken. Check out this post on how to fix your radiator and this other one that’s about the same thing.

Should Radiator Hoses be Hard When Hot?

The answer is no. They should not be very hard when they get hot. They should be a little hard, or you can say firmly. It’s normal for your radiator hoses to be firm even if the temperature of your car goes down or up. When your engine warms up and the radiator hoses are warm, this is normal.

You can, however, spot soft spots on a radiator hose or see that the whole hose is soft and spongy. If this happens, you need to get the radiator hose replaced. Having hard radiator hoses can mean that you have a bad head gasket that is letting coolant get into the cylinder or air get into the coolant system, which is bad.

Lower Radiator Hose Cold Overheating

When there is a blocked thermostat, it usually leads to this kind of thing First, look around the parts of your car’s cooling system. If your car is overheating, this is where you should start.

The thermostat, which is part of the cooling system, is in charge of how much coolant the engine gets. There is a good chance that your thermostat is not getting the coolant to the parts of the engine where it should be. As soon as possible, the thermostat should be changed, or the car won’t be able to work right.

Upper Radiator Hose not Getting Hot

You may have a stuck thermostat or a broken one if your upper radiator hose doesn’t get hot. It doesn’t matter who it is. You may also see a check engine light along with the cold radiator hose from time to time. If the light comes on, it means your car doesn’t have enough coolant.

This means the engine is either too hot or too cold, because the thermostat is stuck or doesn’t work. The best thing to do is to change the thermostat.