Updated at: 30-06-2022 - By: Lucas

If you own a Toyota Camry, you know that it is a reliable car. Toyota cars are known for being dependable and long-lasting, and this model is no different.

But you might think that the Camry is a little too small for some jobs that are made for bigger cars. Even though this might be true for a few tasks, this car can do a lot of other things.

When you want to pull something bigger, like a boat, you might want to get more information before you try it yourself. After all, you wouldn’t want to do anything that would hurt your car and make it hard to drive.

So, can a Toyota Camry pull a boat behind it? A Toyota Camry can pull up to 1,000 pounds, which is enough to pull a very small boat or jet ski. For this to work, the Camry needs to have a hitch, and the boat or jet ski and trailer can’t weigh more than 1,000 pounds together.

So, if you have a boat and want to know if you can safely pull it behind your Toyota Camry, keep reading to find out the answer. We’ll also talk about what you can do to make towing with your Camry safer if you decide to do it.

Towing Capacity

Check the car’s towing capacity to see if it can pull a certain trailer or boat.

This is the most weight your car can pull without getting damaged.

Adding weight and length to your car by pulling something behind it makes it harder to drive on the road. But the main problem with towing is that you can’t just pull anything behind any car.

Cars are made to carry a certain amount of weight, which shouldn’t be gone over. If you do, your brakes and tyres could be damaged. You don’t want to hurt your car in any way, so it’s best to stay within the towing capacity.

Toyota Camry Towing Capacity

toyota camry towing capacity

A Toyota Camry can pull a maximum of 1,000 pounds behind it.

This includes the weight of the thing you want to pull behind your car, as well as the hitch and other tools you’ll need to hook it up.

This means that you can have a total weight of 1000 pounds, but if your hitch weighs 100 pounds, the thing you are pulling can’t be more than 900 pounds.

Keeping this weight limit in mind, you will only be able to pull a very small boat or jet ski. Considering that a typical jet ski weighs about 850 pounds, you’re going to be pushing it.

This is something you need to think about when you buy a boat or choose a vehicle to pull it. Again, you don’t want to damage your car, and if you don’t take into account the weight of the equipment you’re towing, you could go over the weight limit.

You should also make sure the load you are pulling is balanced before you hook it up and pull it. When your load isn’t balanced, the weight isn’t spread out evenly, which can be bad for your car.

If your load isn’t balanced, it can be very hard to drive because the uneven weight will make your car move or pull more and can mess up your suspension. It could also cause problems with your chassis frame, wheel bearings, axle housings, and tyres.

You don’t want to take that chance, especially with a car that will probably be used for many years to come and cause damage that will cost money and take time to fix. So, don’t go over the 1,000-pound limit to keep yourself and your car safe.

What Do You Need To Tow A Boat

Whether you decided to tow your boat with your Toyota Camry because you wanted to or because you had to, you need to get the right equipment to do so.

You will need a hitch to pull a boat or other item behind your car. In this situation, you’ll need a class 2 or higher to pull anything close to the maximum capacity.

If you don’t already have a hitch like this, you’ll need to buy one before you start hitching your boat to your Camry. You can find these at a number of car stores and online stores.

You will also need to make sure that the hitch’s ball size is right for the boat trailer you want to pull. If you don’t know what size ball you need, look at the boat’s owner’s manual. It will tell you what size ball you need.

If you have a hitch and want to make sure that the ball size is right for your boat, you can test it by lowering the tongue jack over the ball and locking the tongue in place. If the size is right, the tongue will snap into place and stay there.

If it doesn’t fit, the ball’s tongue will come off. In this case, you will need to find a new hitch with a bigger ball.

You will also need to get a lock for it so that it can’t be taken apart without your permission. You will also need a kit that lets you use the lights on the boat while driving.

By connecting your car’s signals to the boat’s, other drivers will be able to see what you are doing on the road.

How To Attach the Boat

When you are ready to connect the hitch to your car and the boat to the hitch, you will start by attaching the hitch to the back of your Camry. The hitch should be lifted and lowered over the ball so that the tongue can be locked tightly over it.

After you’ve hooked up your boat trailer to your car, you’ll need to lock the hitch in place. Put the key where it’s easy to find so you won’t forget where it is.

Next, take the chains and hook each one to the hook on the side of the hitch or car frame. You want there to be some slack in the chains, but not so much that they touch the road.

This is especially important because the metal chains are dragging on the ground and could get caught on something. Check your chains twice before you leave.

Then, after you’ve hooked up your chains, you’ll hook up your trailer lights. You will need to use your wire connector kit for this.

With this connector kit, you can connect your Camry’s tail lights to the hitch so that your boat lights can act as your tail lights when you are towing. Depending on the kit you have, you might have a slightly different set up each time.

So, make sure you follow the steps in the instructions that come with the kit you buy to make sure the lights are set up and connected correctly.

Driving Your Camry While Towing

Towing a boat behind your Camry will feel very different from normal driving. You should keep in mind that you have more weight and length than you did before. Your brakes can have a hard time with extra weight, so don’t ride them.

Slow down slowly and start stopping farther back than usual so you have enough time to come to a full stop.

Not only does this keep you from getting a ticket, but it is also safer to drive slower because you need more time to slow down, speed up, change lanes, and turn. When you drive over that limit, it can also put more stress on the hitch.

Before your trip, you should also get used to the weight and length of what you will be driving. Take the time to see how it feels to drive while towing, and practise driving with the boat attached to get used to how it feels when you turn, park, and change lanes.

Some drivers may not be good at this, but the more you do it, the more confident and safe you will be on the road.

Also, ask for help if you need it. Parking is one of the hardest things to do when towing a boat, so if you don’t feel confident enough to do it on your own, have someone get out of the Camry and help guide you into a space.

Final Words

You can do a lot with a Toyota Camry, and if you didn’t think your car could pull your boat before, you now know that it might be able to.

As long as the total weight of what you’re towing, including the weight of the hitch, is less than 1,000 pounds, you might be able to take your Camry to the lake on your next trip.

With a 1,000-pound towing capacity and enough power, you can take your boat and Toyota Camry with you on your next vacation trip.