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One of the most frustrating things you might go through is trying to remove the auto trim in its many pieces. Applying leverage or popping a few plastic retainers should do the trick. To complicate matters further, using a screwdriver will almost certainly result in damage to the retainers, such as scratches and dents.

Get an auto trim removal kit and you’ll be done in no time. We’ll examine the advantages and disadvantages of ten of the top kits available for purchase online in this study. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, we recommend the BYNIIUR 88 Piece Kit.

A Hurry Is A Good Thing. We’ve Selected Our Favorite Three

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1. BYNIIUR 88-Piece Trim Removal Kit

BYNIIUR Trim Removal Tool Set

You’ll find everything you need to work on your vehicle’s trim in the BYNIIUR trim removal tool kit.

Eleven plastic terminal tools, three panel removal tools, four precision hooks, and eleven metal picks are all included in this kit. This package also contains forty push fastener clips, five from each type. If you’re looking for an all-around solution, these are the ones for you.

Every job, from removing headlights and speakers to dismantling the entire dashboard, can be done with these tools. A tweezer-style tool is included in the set of clip removers, which are especially useful when dealing with retention clips.

It is easy to remove the stereo unit with the wires and metal keys, while the wire terminal removal tools are useful for cleaning and repairing various types of wires and plugs. It’s possible that the plastic tools will need to be sharpened, but they function fine right out of the box and won’t damage your automobile in any way.

When it comes to value for money, the BYNIIUR set is hard to beat.

2. Tresalto 5-Piece Auto Trim Removal Kit

With just five tools, the Tresalto set is one of the most essential and versatile trim removers available. Without damaging the paint or other interior components these tools can be used to remove door and window trims, the dashboard, wheel hubs, and other fasteners.

Even if the price is high for what it offers, calling this kit professional-grade is a bit of an exaggeration. The compact size of the Tresalto instruments, however, is the primary selling point of the products.

Even if larger kits are cheaper, if you only use the tools a few times, they’ll merely take up space in your house or car trunk.

3. XBRN 456-Piece Trim Removal Set

XBRN 456-Piece Trim Removal Set

The XBRN set includes simply the five most often used tools, and nothing else. There are also 451 pieces of spare clips in 18 different sizes, as well as six fastener clips in total. With all the clips in this bundle, you can potentially build more than one automobile.

Those that work on automobile trims professionally rather than as a hobby will find this collection useful. Even though these are low-cost tools, buying a package that includes more tools will save you money in the long run.

It’s better to have the extra tools on hand if you’re working with moldings and trims for the first time.

4. Wetado 200-Piece Auto Trim Removal Kit

With sets ranging from 5 to 456 pieces, Wetado’s 200 piece set is one of the most extensive selections you can find. There are 160 clips and 39 tools included in this kit, as well as a zipper storage pouch.

Six typical sizes of retainer clips and two types of wire retention clips are available, so you can keep your dashcam’s microphone or phone chargers in place while driving.

If you’re worried about getting your hands on the right equipment, don’t be. This kit includes everything you’ll need to remove the vehicle’s audio or navigation system, as well as power plugs and cables.

It’s best to invest in the Wetado trim removal package if you’re going to be doing a lot of maintenance on your vehicle.

5. JOJOY LUX Pack of 8 Auto Trim Removal Tools

JOJOY LUX Pack of 8 Auto Trim Removal Tools

It comes with seven plastic tools and a metal clip remover, which can be all you need if you’re dealing with just a few trim pieces. Unlike Tresalto’s kit, this trim removal kit is designed to replace knives and screwdrivers with a single tool.

You may remove the power window control panel, inside lighting, work on the headlights, and unhook clips in the trunk using the tools given in the JOJOY LUX kit.

In order to disengage the locks, you’ll need specialist hooks and keys for the stereo/navigation device. Everything else should be covered by this 8-piece package.

6. Dualeco 102-Piece Trim Puller Tool Kit

Both sets of tools come with the same number of replacement clips in the Dualeco auto trim puller tool kit. The Dualeco kit, which includes 60 push pin rivets in 12 sizes, has a pricing issue.

Dualeco’s cheaper set currently costs as much as the 200-piece Wetado set.

Even yet, by the time you read this article, the Dualeco set may be a better deal if prices drop. Taking the price out of consideration, the kit provides a lot of value through its high-quality tools and wide range of applications.

The set comes in a zippered storage bag, making it easy to store and manage.

7. Tresalto 12-Pack Auto Trim Removal Kit

Tresalto 12-Pack Auto Trim Removal Kit

Tresalto offers a wide range of auto trim removal tools, ranging from a simple five-piece set to kits including hundreds of parts. More plastic tools are included in this 12-piece kit, allowing for greater adaptability.

These tools are composed of long-lasting plastic, but they won’t bend, scratch, or leave scratches on the paint or interior panels of your vehicle. With the metal clip plier, you have more leverage and rigidity for removing outdated clips.

You can use Tresalto’s 12 piece tool kit for interior door panels, dashboards, moldings, and wheel rims.

8. GOOACC 19-Piece Trim Removal Tool Set

The GOOACC trim removal tool set has everything you need to get the job done right. Remove any trim piece, retainer clip and/or mold with the 19 tools in a zipper storage bag so you can work on the problem without leaving a mark.

The plastic tools, pliers, and stereo removal keys are all included in this 19-piece kit, which is an excellent value. Additional precise tools for dealing with power plugs and wires are also included. This organization may need a new name but its tools are more than adequate for the task.

9. BYNIIUR Trim Removal Tool Set

BYNIIUR Trim Removal Tool Set

The BYUNIIUR is offering a new and excellent kit. You’ll get a total of nine trim removal and two release tools; clip pliers; 40 retention clips; 10 adhesive cable clips; 11 vehicle terminal removal tools; an oil seal removal hook; four car seal crowbars; and a magnetic holder.

As part of the case, you’ll get more than 80 different tools and clips.

BYUNIIUR’s fastener removal tools are a step above the rest when it comes to creative equipment for trim and mold removers. You can’t damage the surface it’s resting on because they’ve installed a rubber ball there.

BYUNIIUR tools are long-lasting and easy to use, making them a great value for the price.

10. MICTUNING 13-Piece Auto Trim Removal Set

Finally, we have the 13-piece MICTUNING set. Eleven plastic trimming tools and two clip-pullers are included in the package. All the tools may be carried and stored in the bag by simply clipping the buckles and folding it up.

Interior trim elements like as door knobs, stereo units, ventilation vents, and others can be repaired or replaced using the tools included with this package. Simply need a few tools to get the job done? The MICTUNING kit is a great option for you.

How To Pick The Right Trim Remover Tool Set

In general, none of the tools discussed in this article are a bad choice. But you should keep in mind a few things if you want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need for the job.


It’s advisable to use the correct tool for each portion of the car, even if the trim and mold removers can be used on a range of clips and trim pieces.

Research what others are using to remove the parts before purchasing a tool kit. wire keys are needed for some jobs, while pliers are needed for others.

Spare Clips

It’s a good idea to have a few spare retention clips on hand, as they can get brittle over time and break when you try to remove them. The 500+ piece sets aren’t necessary unless you’re starting a business, but 5 of each type should come in handy.

Tool Quality

My evaluation hasn’t included much discussion of the tool quality or durability, and there are two reasons for this: When it comes to cheap tools, don’t anticipate too much and rely on the opinions of other users to judge quality.

I’m confident that all of the tools that made the list have received hundreds, if not thousands, of good reviews.

This is based on my own belief that most of these tools are manufactured in the same manufacturer and are simply repackaged.

Because all of the tools and replacement retainer clips have the exact same design and color, you shouldn’t be concerned about the quality of the various options. Each combination of tools and spare retainer clips is worth examining.

How To Use Auto Trim Remover Tools

Check out several video guides before you start disassembling anything on your car, no matter how minor the part may seem. This will help you choose what tools to use and how much force is appropriate. It’s impossible to describe which tool to use and where to position it in the guide, thus putting it into words would be a mess.

If you’d prefer to learn how to remove the most common trim pieces, I’ve discovered a full tutorial on YouTube.


What is the best car trim removal tool?

The BYNIIUR 88pcs trim removal set provides the ideal combination of quality, price, and the amount of tools and retention clips included. If you’re searching for a more compact set of tools, Tresalto is an excellent option.

What can I use as a trim removal tool?

So many trimming removal kits are in existence because they make the job easier and more importantly they protect components from being damaged. Scalpels, flathead screwdrivers, and butter knives can all be effective as backup tools.

How do you use clip remover pliers?

Squeezing the grips of the clip remover pliers releases the clip from the tongue, making it simple to remove the clip. Eventually, all the clips will pop and you’ll have to start over.

How do you remove body trim from a car?

Before using the plastic trim remover to scrape off glued-on trim, heat the trims to loosen the glue. To avoid damaging the materials, use a hairdryer to distribute the heat evenly.

The rest of the tools in a trim removal kit will make the work of removing the component that has been riveted on a breeze.


Our favorite is the BYNIIUR 88-Piece Auto Trim Removal Set, which is included in the top 10 list of the best. Prior beginning dismantling your automobile, acquaint yourself with the proper techniques and equipment you’ll need for each unique task that you’ll encounter.