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Architecture is the process of planning and designing buildings. It is a very important part of our lives. Sometimes, we need an architect to help us design or remodel our home. Or sometimes, we hire architects to create our office building, a shopping mall or a hospital. 

If you are thinking about becoming an architect, there are many types of architecture jobs. In this article, we are going to discuss three of them. These are:



A drafter is someone who makes a living as an architect or engineer. A person who designs something is not necessarily a drafter. A person who drafts something is someone who actually creates a physical drawing of what they have envisioned. A person who is a true drafter will also create a scale model, cutaway drawings and/or photographs to help explain their design.

Architects and engineers are usually not true drafters. They create working drawings and then hire people like construction workers to build what is on the working drawings. A good drafter will be able to explain the workings of their design to someone who is not familiar with the subject matter.

Architectural Designer

An architectural designer is someone who creates the overall look of a building or home. It’s like having a decorator create the “theme” of your house or office, except the designer is doing it with an eye toward functionality and creating a work environment that is pleasant and productive.

An architectural designer will create everything from the layout of the rooms, to the cabinetry, countertops, flooring, paint colors and finishes, window treatments, and much more. There are many types of architectural designers, but most often, they are interior designers. They may also be referred to as “house architects” or “home architects”. 

Whatever you want to call them, it is important to hire someone with this expertise if you are building or remodeling a home. You should definitely consider hiring an architectural designer if you are in the process of selling your current home and would like to get the maximum possible price for your home.

Urban Planner

Urban planner

An urban planner is someone who studies how cities work and how they can be made to work better. An urban planner will typically have a master’s degree in city planning or urban administration and will have spent several years studying different cities and their problems.

They will have a thorough knowledge of what makes a city work and what makes it fail. In many cases, an urban planner will have been employed by a city government to help solve some of that city’s problems. 

They will have all kinds of fancy titles like director of transportation or director of community development. They might even be called a “master of disaster” since they are often brought in to clean up after a previous planner has done a poor job.

Engineering Technician

An engineering technician is someone who specializes in the design and construction of various types of machinery. He or she is responsible for the overall design and functionality of a piece of equipment. An engineering technician must have a thorough understanding of all aspects of his or her job. This includes knowing how the machine will be used, what operating conditions it will experience, what maintenance requirements there are, and so on.  

In many cases, an engineering technician also has to have an understanding of how the machine will be assembled and installed.  This means he or she must be able to design and create the proper mechanical and electrical connections between all of the components that make up the finished product.

Engineering technicians are often involved with the conceptual design phase of a project.  They are the people who come up with the ideas for the machinery that will eventually be constructed.  If the project is large enough, they may also be involved with the preliminary engineering phase.  They do this to make sure the project can be accomplished within the allotted time and budget.

Architectural Technician

Architectural technician

An architectural technician is a person who specializes in creating building designs that comply with all local codes and ordinances. This means that an architectural technician must have a thorough knowledge of construction and drafting techniques.

They also need to know how to apply this knowledge to a specific project in order to produce a functional and aesthetically pleasing design. If you have a home improvement project that needs to be done, then you should consider hiring an architect or an architectural technician to do the job. You should always check with your local building department to see if they have an architect or an architectural technician that they recommend.

Landscape Architect

A landscape architect is someone who creates and maintains the look of a property. They make sure everything is well-maintained and looks good. They make sure everything is in keeping with the house, or whatever else is on the property. They make sure the yard is neat and tidy, the grass is mowed, the flower beds are weeded and fertilized, and the bushes and trees are pruned and shaped properly.

They might also make recommendations on what to plant, when to plant it, and in what quantities. They might also make recommendations on what types of soil to use, how much sun or shade the plants should get, and when they should be watered. Basically, they take care of “the visible stuff” that makes the property attractive.

Structural Designer

Structural designer

A structural designer is someone who specializes in making sure that a building is safe and structurally sound. He or she will be responsible for reviewing blueprints and checking to make sure that the building meets all codes and that it is constructed properly. 

A structural designer will also make sure that a building has adequate “bearing capacity” to handle the loads that are placed on it. He or she will make sure that all doors, windows and other openings are strong enough to withstand the forces created by the wind, snow, or other weather conditions.

The structural designer will also make sure that a building is constructed with adequate sound-proofing so that the noise level within the building is bearable. This person will also make sure that the building is well-insulated so that it doesn’t heat up too much during the summer months or get too cold during the winter. He or she will check to see that the building has adequate lighting and that there are no exposed wires or other hazards.

Mechanical Designer

A mechanical designer is someone who designs mechanisms or machines. This could be something as simple as a door closer or as complex as an aircraft engine. Whatever the job is, the mechanical designer will have to know how to design and create the mechanical parts of the machine.

A mechanical designer will almost always have a degree in some type of engineering. However, a degree in mechanical engineering is not required. Many mechanical designers have a background in fine arts or other creative fields.

Building Architect

Building architect

A building architect is someone who designs the interiors of buildings. It’s a job that involves a lot of creativity, since he or she will have to think about what kind of atmosphere the different rooms should have. Sometimes, the building architect will also have to design the exteriors of the building.

The building architect will work closely with the owner or developer of the building to ensure that the building has the proper look and feel that will set the tone for the rest of the interior. If the building is an office building, then the architect will need to pay special attention to the appearance of the waiting area, the lobby, and the elevators.

Project Architect

A project architect is someone who is brought in to help with the overall design of a new building or remodeling project.  They will typically work with the client from the initial concept stage all the way through to construction.  Their input is critical to the success of the project.

A good project architect will take the ideas and concepts that you and your team come up with and make them a reality.  They will translate your vision into a functional building or remodel.  A bad project architect will add their own “spin” to the project and cause it to veer off in a direction that wasn’t considered when the project was initially conceived.

Site Engineer

Site engineer

A site engineer is someone who has expertise in civil, structural and mechanical engineering required to design and construct a building or some other structure. The person is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the construction process from conceptualization to completion. This includes everything from preparing the drawings and specifications to overseeing the workmanship.

In many cases, the site engineer will be responsible for negotiating with contractors and sub-contractors and for making sure everything is done on time and within budget. In other words, he or she is the “go between” for all parties involved.

Architectural Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for overseeing the completion of a construction project from beginning to end. They ensure that everything gets done on time and within budget.  It is their job to make sure that the contractors and subcontractors doing the work are following the plans and specs that have been provided by the owner or architect.

They are also responsible for making sure that all building codes are being met and that the structure is built to last for a long time. They are the “go between” for everyone involved in the project.  Without them, the project would likely fall apart due to communication problems. They are very important to the success of any construction project.

Sustainability Engineer

Sustainability engineer

A sustainability engineer is someone who works to design and construct “sustainable” buildings and communities. A sustainable building or community is one that is built or located in a way that limits the impact that it has on the environment.

One of the primary concerns of a sustainability engineer is the use of energy. Sustainability engineers work to make sure that the energy used to operate a building or community is as efficient as possible. They do this by using the least amount of energy necessary to get the job done. 

They also make sure that the building or community uses energy as efficiently as possible. This means that they make sure that all the energy used inside the building or community is used for useful purposes.

Lighting Engineer

A lighting engineer is someone who designs and installs lighting systems.  They are responsible for making sure the lighting fixtures they install are effective, energy-efficient and safe.

The work of a lighting engineer can be very challenging. There are many different factors to consider when installing any type of lighting system. These include the location of the lights, the shape and size of the area to be lit, the height of the ceiling, the available space beneath the floor, the types of bulbs used, and the maintenance required.

Data Warehouse Architect

Data warehouse architect

A data warehouse architect is someone who designs and configures the software and hardware to get the job done. In other words, he or she is the “glue” that holds the entire data processing enterprise together. A data warehouse architect is responsible for everything that goes into making the data warehouse function properly.

They are the people who make sure the data is accurate, that it is being stored and retrieved in an efficient manner, that updates are made automatically and that there are no glitches. Basically, they are the people who make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle fit together seamlessly.


How Much Do Architects Make?

Architects make on average $69,000 a year, which is significantly less than the average salary of $88,000 for all careers. 

What Tools Does an Architect Use?

The most popular tools among architects is Revit, which is the BIM software that architects use to create 3D models of buildings. 

As an architect, I personally use this software almost everyday. Not only can you create extremely accurate floor plans and sections with it, you can also create 3D models of your building and view them from any angle you want. You can rotate them, translate them, magnify them, etc. You can even create animations with them!

What Kind of Architect Has the Highest Salary?

The profession of an architect varies a lot depending on the area of the country and the area. An average salary for an architect can be around $57,000 dollars a year. 

Do You Really Need Calculus to Become an Architect?

You can become an architect without calculus. Many schools are now offering an architecture program that does not require calculus. If you are interested in becoming an architect this is a good thing. Calculus is a difficult subject and can take some time to master.

What Can You Do With an Architecture Degree?

There are many careers that are related to the study of architecture. Architectural Technician. This requires specialized education in the fields of architecture. Candidates must have a degree in Architecture or Interior Design. The work includes building models, drawings and designs for clients.


There are many types of architecture jobs that you can do. You can be an architect, a civil engineer, a structural engineer, a landscape architect, a designer or anything else that relates to building and construction.

If you are a beginner, we suggest that you should learn about the different types of architecture jobs first before starting to work as an architect. This way, you will be able to choose the type of job that you want to do.

After that, you can further specialize in that field. You should try to learn as much about architecture jobs as you can because it will help you a lot in choosing the right career path for you.