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There are many different types of ships. The main function of all these ships is to carry passengers or goods from one place to another. But, these days, there are many ships that are used for other purposes. These other purposes may include military, research or just plain fun!

The types of ships that are used for these purposes are very different from each other. In this article, we will discuss five of the most common types of ships.



An amphibious ship is a warship that has been designed with an ability to operate both on land and at sea. Amphibious ships were developed during World War II when the U.S. military realized it would need a vessel that could travel on both land and water.

Amphibious ships are not designed for speed. They are built for combat. However, they are extremely seaworthy and can withstand heavy punishment. They also have a lot of armor plating. An amphibious ship can be equipped with a variety of weapons including guns, missiles, torpedoes and even depth charges.

Amphibious Assault

The amphibious assault ship is a floating city that serves as a headquarters for several thousand troops. It is designed to transport these soldiers by sea to any shore around the world. 

An amphibious assault ship has everything a soldier could want: food, water, ammunition, medical supplies, and everything else necessary to sustain him until he reaches his objective. These ships are about twice as long as a conventional navy ship and are very heavily armed. They can fire missiles, machine guns, and even torpedoes.

They are also very fast. Amphibious assault ships can travel at speeds of up to 40 knots. This makes them very hard to catch if you are in a small boat. They can stay out of sight and then pounce on their unsuspecting prey from a distance.

Aircraft Carriers

An aircraft carrier is a huge ship with an airfield on it. Aircraft carriers are used for war but are also used for peace. An aircraft carrier is used to launch planes that are used for attack or for reconnaissance. An aircraft carrier has a flight deck where the planes are launched. It also has a large hangar bay underneath the flight deck. The hangar bay is where the planes are kept when they are not being flown.

The flight deck of an aircraft carrier is very large. It is long and narrow and is attached to the front of the ship. It extends from the bow all the way back to the stern. On the carrier, the flight deck is about two football fields long. There are catwalks that run along both sides of the flight deck. These catwalks provide an excellent place to get a bird’s eye view of what is happening on the flight deck.

Aircraft carriers are usually about as tall as a 12 story building. They have a displacement of about 100,000 tons. That means they weigh about as much as three city blocks of normal sized buildings.



A destroyer is a small, maneuverable, fast attack craft. They were originally designed to attack heavily defended shore targets. Later, they were modified to perform an anti-submarine mission. Nowadays, they are used for a number of different missions. They are ideal for urban warfare. You can use them to clear obstacles from waterways, perform high-speed intercepts of other vessels, and even rescue people who are in distress at sea.

They are also used for drug interdiction. They are the fastest and most maneuverable boats in the world used for this purpose. They are used to patrol offshore waters looking for drug smugglers. If they spot a suspicious boat, they will pursue it until they are close enough to board the vessel and search it for drugs.


A frigate is a small, fast, usually single-engine, propeller driven ship with a shallow draft. The name comes from the fact these types of vessels were once used by the French Navy to patrol the Mediterranean Sea. Their shallow draft made them ideal for coastal and riverine operations.

They’re also ideal for use as patrol boats, minesweepers, divers, and for towing smaller craft. These are all the same roles that the US Coast Guard fills. A frigate typically has a displacement of 20-tons or less. They are often equipped with an auxiliary diesel engine to power the bilge pumps and other auxiliaries.

Helicopter Carriers

Helicopter Carriers

A helicopter carrier is a large, semi-submersible vessel with a flight deck located amidships and a superstructure that extends well above the waterline. It has a helipad on the flight deck and is designed to transport helicopters. These ships can operate in all types of seas and weather conditions. They have very large holds and can unload their cargo with the use of an overhead crane.

They were originally used for transporting military equipment and supplies around the globe. Nowadays, they are used for civilian purposes too. There are several civilian uses for these massive floating structures. One of the more common ones is to transport cars, trucks and other large vehicles. You can also use them to transport heavy machinery and other large items. These carriers can be used for a multitude of different purposes.

Mine Warfare

The mine warfare ship is a large, multi-purpose vessel designed to operate in coastal waters. It has a very low profile and a hull designed to withstand the punishment of running underwater mines.

This type of ship is used by the U.S. Navy and other navies worldwide for various missions. These vessels are used for mine countermeasures (MCM), mine hunting, clearing coastal waterways of mines, and for general law enforcement operations.


A patrol ship is a ship that is designed to keep an eye out for other ships. In times past, a patrol ship was often used to guard a port or harbor from pirates and other marauders. Nowadays, a patrol ship is used to deter other boats from breaking the law.

Patrol ships are not armed, but they are equipped with radar and other detection devices that allow them to see other vessels up to 20 miles away. If they spot another vessel that doesn’t have proper identification, then they will radio the Coast Guard who will come and board the other boat and check it out.

If the boat is not violating any laws, then they will simply let it go on its way. However, if the boat does have an outstanding violation, such as having illegal aliens on board, or has any other type of infraction, then the Coast Guard will take the vessel into custody and deal with the situation as they see fit.

Ballistic Missile Submarines

Ballistic Missile Submarines

These are the best submarines ever built. No one knows exactly how many ballistic missile subs the United States has, but it is believed to be in the hundreds. Ballistic missile subs are so stealthy that often they are mistaken for an undersea mountain.

They are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the deep ocean. Their thick, heavy hulls and tight construction provide protection from the pressure and heat of thousands of feet of water. They also have a very low profile and a sleek design which makes them virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Diesel-Electric Submarines

A diesel-electric submarine is a very quiet and stealthy craft. It has a long snorkel and a periscope that extends above the waterline. The diesel engine provides propulsion while an electric motor runs the submarine. This allows it to travel underwater without using its batteries. This also makes it possible for the submarine to sneak up on and attack its prey.

Submarines are used by both military and civilian applications. They are extremely fast, especially when compared to other types of submarines. The diesel-electric propulsion system is more efficient than other types of power plants, so they have a very low fuel consumption. That means they can travel great distances on a single tank of fuel.

Midget Submarines

A midget submarine is a submersible that is designed to operate in very shallow water. It is about half the size of a regulation submarine and has a conning tower that is much smaller than that of a standard submarine. This allows it to go deeper and see more of the ocean floor. It is usually propelled by an electric motor and has a propeller instead of a traditional submarine’s pump-jet system.

Midget submarines are used for a wide variety of applications, but one of the most common is the search for lost or stolen ships. The diver climbs into the mini-sub and searches for a specific ship. 

If he finds it, he signals the crew on the mother ship and they come and recover the mini-sub. The mini-sub then returns to its base where it is loaded onto a larger boat and taken to the surface. There, it is hoisted out of the water and inspected to make sure it is in good working order.

Nuclear-Attack Submarines

Nuclear-Attack Submarines

 A nuclear-attack submarine is a submarine that is designed to deliver a large number of nuclear warheads against its targets. These are usually very heavily-armed subs with a high degree of stealth. They are designed to avoid detection by the enemy and to attack the enemy’s surface ships and submarines.

A few of these subs have been lost over the years because the enemy has managed to detect them and sink them. However, the modern subs are extremely well-designed and are virtually impossible to detect. They are also extremely well-armed and can carry an enormous amount of ordnance. The weapons that they carry are usually quite accurate too.


What is the most famous battleship?

Most people would say the USS Missouri BB-63. She and her sisters Iowa and Wisconsin (BB-61 and BB-64) were around for most of World War II and they were credited with sinking over 90 Japanese ships.

However, she was not present at the surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay and was one of the first ships to leave after it was completed. Her story is told in the book “The Last Battleship” by E.B. Potter.

Are any battleships still active?

As of this writing, the United States Navy has one battleship, the USS Wisconsin, in reserve. There are several battleships in various states of preservation, including the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Missouri was the site of the formal Japanese surrender in 1945.

Who invented battleship?

The first battleship was invented in the 19th century, but the battle ship’s history stretches back to the 1500s. The Spanish called the galleon the great ship and the Dutch called their battleship the great ship. In the 1500s, the English called theirs a “ship of the line.” From that time on, the battle ship has been the most powerful warship ever created. 

Which battleship is the most powerful?

The Yamato. The Yamato was the largest and most powerful battleship ever constructed. It had more firepower than all of the Allied battleships combined at that time. It had 18.1 inch guns, each gun could fire a shell with a weight of 1,600 pounds 1,250 yards. It carried a crew of 700 men and it was considered to be unsinkable. The Yamato was completed in May of 1944 and was immediately put into combat service.

Do aircraft carriers have guns?

Yes, all aircraft carriers do indeed have guns. However, for the most part these are used solely for self-defence. Aircraft carriers are primarily used to launch aircraft which are used to attack enemy vessels.


Battleships are really cool military vehicles that are equipped with huge guns. These big guns can shoot many different kinds of bullets such as heavy artillery, anti-tank, armor-piercing, tracer, white phosphorus, flechette, and others. We hope that after reading this article, you will learn more about these types of weapons. You will also learn how to use them if you are ever in a war.

Battleships have been used in many wars over the years. They were very useful when fighting against other battleships. Nowadays, they are still used by some countries in special situations.