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There are several types of black paint available. The most important factor is the film thickness. Thin films tend to fade quickly and look cheap.

On the other hand, thicker films are much more durable but are usually very glossy and have a high sheen. This type of finish is not recommended for show cars or cars that get a lot of road abuse.

In fact, it’s not a good idea for any type of car that gets a lot of road abuse. It’s also important to check the film under black light. If it doesn’t come up completely black, then it’s probably not an especially durable paint.

Also make sure the type of black you are using is an “ultra black.

13 List Types Of Black Car Paint

Satin Black Car Paint


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This is a very dark, almost “charred” looking paint. It has a satin sheen to it and it seems to absorb light like a mirror.

It’s a great paint for a car that you want to look tough and mean. This type of paint is often used on police cars because it helps them look like an intimidating presence on the streets.

Satin black is a very popular color for automobiles because it looks good and provides a very tough exterior.

It will hide scratches and dings very well and it is ideal for a car that you want to drive hard and take a lot of abuse without having to worry about superficial damage.

Metallic Black Car Paint


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Metallic black paint is a dark, glossy finish that has a sheen to it. It is a very durable finish that will last a long time.

It will withstand the elements better than any other color. However, it is not recommended for use on automobiles that will be driven in the rain.

Metallic black paint will not absorb the water like a normal paint job would. Instead, it will just bead up on the surface of the car and create a very slippery, dangerous surface.

On the other hand, if you have a car that will be exposed to the sun and other types of weather conditions, then metallic black paint is the way to go.

It will resist fading and oxidation and keep your vehicle looking new for a long time.

Black Cherry Pearl Paint


If you are looking for a new paint color for your vehicle, black cherry pearl is the way to go. It is a very unique color that will really make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

Black cherry pearl is a dark rich red with a purple undertone. The finish has a satin sheen which gives it a beautiful glow.

This is a very classy and elegant paint color for any vehicle. It looks great on sedans, coupes, convertibles, mini vans, SUV’s, pickup trucks and passenger cars.

It can also be used to give a special touch to boats and other outdoor equipment.

Candy Paint

Black Candy Paint

Black car paint is an all-purpose color that works well on cars of all makes and models. It is a very dark, almost “gothic” color that is becoming increasingly popular.

Candy paint is a brighter, more vivid version of black car paint. It has a high sheen and is a great choice for show cars and for vehicles that will get lots of daily use.

Candy paint is a good alternative for those who don’t want to deal with the maintenance of black car paint. It wears well and it is easy to keep clean.

Two-Stage Pearl Car Paint

Two-Stage black pearl car paint

This is a two-stage paint that has a pearl effect in the first stage and a brilliant finish in the second stage. The first coat is a non-seizing, semi-gloss coating that provides a “pearl” appearance.

This is a very durable, semi-matte finish that resists chipping, fading and peeling. It also provides a great base for the second or final coat which is a brilliant shine that will not peel, crack or flake.

This paint is ideal for all automobiles, trucks, vans, RVs and SUV’s. It can also be used on boats, motorcycles, aircraft, farm equipment, tractors and other large vehicles.

It is formulated to be low odor, non-toxic and easy to apply. It contains no VOC’s and is 100% water based. It can be cleaned up with soap and water. 

Black Gloss Sheens Paint

Car paint gloss sheens are a measure of how glossy a paint finish is when viewed from a certain distance.

The higher the number, the more reflective the surface will be. A glossy black finish has a high gloss sheen of 40 or more.

Black paint finishes with a lower gloss sheen of 30 or less are considered matte. These types of finishes are often used on vehicles that are in a commercial or industrial setting where a matte finish is preferred. Some manufacturers use this type of paint on sporty or luxury models as well.

Black Pearl Automotive Paint

Black Pearl automotive paint is a high-gloss enamel that has an extremely durable finish.This paint is designed for use on automobiles, trucks, vans and SUVs.

It can also be used for light commercial applications such as delivery vehicles, taxis, police cars, and buses. This product is ideal for use on older vehicles that have been previously painted with a non-premium enamel paint.

When this type of vehicle is repainted with Pearl automotive paint, the result is a long-lasting, high-gloss finish that looks like new! This paint will not budge, crack, chip, peel or flake… even when exposed to the harsh elements of the weather.

The enamel on this paint has a very thin (1/16 inch) protective surface layer that is easy to apply and provides excellent corrosion protection. Pearl automotive paint comes in both oil-based and alkyd-based formulas.

Low Gloss Black Automotive Paint

This is a dark, glossy paint with a satin finish. It has a high sheen and a low “resistance level.” This type of paint is great for hiding surface imperfections and scratches. It has a very high degree of gloss.

You can use this type of paint for any type of vehicle. It’s ideal for older vehicles that have been painted many times before.

It will also work well for vehicles that have had their original paint damaged by the elements. It’s also a good choice for repainting because it has very little “orange peel” effect when the paint is removed.

General Black Auto Paint


General black is a dark, almost charcoal gray. It is one of the three basic colors (the others being red and white) that make up the color spectrum.

Since it is a neutral color, it can be used to create a wide variety of shades and tints by adding other colors to it. For example, you could add yellow or blue or green or orange or any other color to general black and get a whole new shade of gray.

Or you could take a particular shade of gray (such as light gray) and mix it with general black to get a different shade.

Whatever, the point is that general black can be used to make a lot of different hues and tints. As far as automotive paint is concerned, this is the most versatile color. It can be used to coat virtually any vehicle. In fact, if you have a car that already has other colors on it, using general black as the base color will give you a way to “update” your vehicle without having to repaint it.

Black Gold Pearl Car Paint

Black Gold Pearl Car Paint

Black gold is a very dark, almost charcoal-gray color that has a slight blue cast to it. It is a very durable and hard-wearing finish that is ideal for use on both cars and trucks.

It is a very versatile paint that can be used on all types of vehicles and will never need repainting. It has a very low sheen and is easy to clean and maintain.

Phantom Black Paint


Phantom black is an unusual paint color that has a very deep and mysterious appearance. It is a dark, almost charcoal gray that appears almost black in certain lighting conditions.

When the light hits it just right, it has a reddish cast that seems to catch the light in a way that gives it a very interesting appearance.

This particular shade of black was created by combining a base of burnt umber with a small amount of carbon black. 

Gunmetal Grey Paint


This is a great option for people who want a sleek, modern look for their vehicle, but don’t want to spend a fortune.

It’s a great alternative to the traditional black paint color for your vehicle. The gunmetal grey paint is a very dark gray and looks great on nearly any type of vehicle.


What is the difference in cost and quality between Red and Black Paint?

Both red and black paint are both high-quality paints. The only difference is the color. When you are talking about cost, it’s the pigment that makes up the color of the paint.

You can get any color of paint at any price. It’s the pigment (which is the color) that determines the actual cost of the paint.

Will Vantablack Work on my Car?

No, unfortunately Vantablack will not work on cars. It is not possible to spray the required coating of Vantablack on a car and meet the strict quality and industrial standards we demand.

What Car Paint Color Lasts the Longest?

The absolute longest lasting car paint colors are single stage (no clear coat) paints with low to medium solids content.

These paints will last for over 10 years with very little fading and no oxidation. Examples include VBx2, VBx3 or VBx5 products.

Low-solids paints are a compromise between quality and price. They are more durable than high-solids paints but not as durable as two-stage paints. 

What is Premium Paint on Cars?

Premium paints are two-stage paints and are typically found on luxury cars. Two-stage paints are the most durable paints available and offer exceptional paint protection. Two-stage paints are often referred to as clear coats, as they contain a clear top coat.

This clear top coat is extremely durable and prevents most surface imperfections such as scratches, swirls and corrosion.

The bottom part of the paint is a “base” or “body” color. In some cases, these base colors may be metallic, as in the case of a bright red car. In other cases, these base colors are more of an off-white or beige.

Is It Worth Getting Metallic Paint?

While it may be tempting to pay for a specialized job and get a metallic paint job on your car, this is not necessarily a good idea. The cost of a high quality paint job is often enough to justify paying for the metallic paint, and it will cost you less than $1000.

Where Do You Find the Paint Color Code on a Car?

There are two good places to find the paint code on a car. The first place is on the driver’s side door, on the edge of the door jamb. The other place is on the door jamb of the passenger side door.

When you have found the paint code, simply look it up in your handy-dandy car color guidebook and you’ll find out what color the vehicle is. 


Black is one of the most common colors for cars. There are many reasons for this. Black is a very strong color and it doesn’t fade away with time. If you want to sell your car, it will be much easier to sell it if it is painted black.

But there are many different types of black paint when it comes to cars. For example, there is black primer, regular black, semi-gloss black, satin black, and many others.

It’s important to know the differences between these types of black paint so you will be able to choose the best type for your car.

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