What Types Of BMW 3 Series Do You Like?

types of bmw 3 series

BMW is a very famous car company. They make many different types of vehicles. One of the most popular is called the 3 Series. This article is all about the types of 3 Series. You should read this article if you are a driver who likes to drive BMW or any other type of vehicle.

In this article, we will discuss the types of 3 Series that are available in the market.

List Types Of BMW 3 Series

1st Generation

BMW 3 series 1st Generation

The first generation of the BMW 3 series was produced from 1974 to 1984. It was a large, luxury car that offered seating for five and was powered by a 16-valve inline six-cylinder engine.

The base model came standard with 230 horsepower, while the top of the line “Coupe” model came with a powerful 360 horsepower engine. The 3 series was also available as a four-door sedan and a two-door coupe.

The 3 series was replaced in 1985 by the second generation of the BMW 3 series. This car was smaller than the previous version and had a more aerodynamic design. It also came with a more fuel efficient four-cylinder engine.

Production of the second generation continued until 1997 when it was replaced by the third generation of the BMW 3 series.

2nd Generation

BMW 3 series 2nd Generation 1987

The second generation of the BMW 3 Series is an extremely well designed car. It has been consistently voted the best car in the world. The 2nd generation BMW 3 Series is a large sedan that seats 5 or 6 people. It has an elegant and timeless appearance.

This model was introduced in 1987 and remained in production until 1999. It was replaced by the third generation BMW 3 Series. The 2nd generation BMW 3 Series is a very safe car and comes with all sorts of safety features.

These include anti-lock brakes, traction control, stability control, airbags, and side impact protection. The trunk of this car has a capacity of 13 cubic feet which is bigger than most other cars of this size.

Moreover, it has a high level of interior comfort. It has power steering, power brakes, power windows, and power seats. This car is built to last and is extremely well designed. It will continue to provide good service for many years to come.

3rd Generation

BMW 3 series 3rd Generation 1999

The 3rd generation of the BMW 3 Series was introduced in 1999 and is still being produced today. It is a large, luxurious sedan that seats 5 people. The 3rd generation has a powerful V-8 engine that produces 300 horsepower. It comes standard with a 5-speed automatic transmission and all wheel drive.

This model is the most popular one in the entire 3 Series lineup. It is the most reliable and the most well-rounded. There are many different trim levels that you can choose from when you are looking at this model.

You can get it in either a two-door or a four-door configuration. The base model comes with the 325i, but if you want a little more power, you can step up to the 330i.

4th Generation

BMW 3 series 4th Generation

The 4th generation of the BMW 3 series is the most recent model in this respected and long-lived lineup. It features a sleek and aerodynamic design with sharp lines and a low profile.

The exterior is highlighted by a new “kidney grille” and LED daytime running lamps. The interior is modern, functional and thoughtfully designed with high quality materials and thoughtful ergonomics.

The 3rd row of seats folds flat to create more cargo space and versatility. The trunk has been enlarged by 20% to provide more space for all your stuff.

There are lots of standard features found on all 3 series models including Bluetooth, a rearview camera, power everything, hill start assist, brake assist, traction control, stability control, dual airbags, and ABS.

The safety equipment is the same as what you would find on a much more expensive car.

5th Generation


BMW 3 series 5th Generation E90

The BMW E90 is the most fuel-efficient model in the entire BMW lineup. It comes standard with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that develops a whopping 148 horsepower at 6,250 rpm.

This high-tech engine features variable valve timing, an intelligent power delivery system, and a double-DEFINED camshaft control. The result is outstanding fuel economy, low emissions, and strong performance. This car gets an estimated 22 miles per gallon in the city and 31 on the highway.

The interior of the E90 is modern, elegant, and luxurious. It has a comfortable, supportive bucket seat, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a comprehensive array of convenience and luxury features.

The E90 is also one of the safest vehicles on the road. It comes with four-wheel ABS brakes, dual front airbags, side-impact airbags, and traction control.


BMW 3 series 5th Generation E91

The BMW E91 is the most fuel efficient passenger car sold in the United States. It has a 16% better fuel economy rating than the next closest competitor.

The E91 is powered by a turbocharged, inline 6-cylinder engine that produces 190 horsepower at 6,250 RPM and 258 foot pounds of torque at 4,750 RPM. This motor is coupled to a 5-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode.

The E91 gets an EPA estimated gas mileage of 23 miles per gallon in the city, 34 miles per gallon on the highway and an overall rating of 28 mpg.

These numbers are good for a car its size and class! The E91 features standard all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. It comes in three trim levels; the 328i, the 335i and the xDrive version of the 335i.


BMW 3 series 5th Generation E92

The E92 generation of the BMW 3 series is one of the most technologically advanced automobiles ever produced. It features an all-new chassis with a new multi-link rear suspension. This new chassis is stiffer and more rigid than its predecessor, and it also provides superior handling.

The engine lineup consists of two turbocharged four-cylinder engines and a six-cylinder engine. All of the engines are direct-injected and feature variable valve timing. All models come standard with xDrive, a four-wheel drive system that sends 100% of the engine’s power to the wheels with the best traction.

 All 3 series models now come with a standard rearview camera. The E92 also comes standard with the iDrive system, which is a large touch-screen interface that allows the driver to control almost all vehicle functions using simple finger gestures. The iDrive system can be customized to suit the individual tastes of the driver.  

The E92 also has an upgraded version of BMW’s acclaimed iDrive system called iDrive Professional.


BMW 3 series 5th Generation E93

The E93 is the base model BMW 3 Series sedan. It has an automatic transmission and a 6 cylinder engine. The standard features on this model are a CD player, a power sunroof, power windows, power locks, power steering, and air conditioning.

The E93 comes in two trim levels: the 328i and the 335i. The 328i comes standard with 18-inch. The 335i adds power seats, cruise control, a power driver’s seat, automatic climate control, and an upgraded audio system.

The interior of the E93 is trimmed in leather, and the exterior is finished in a metallic silver paint. The E93 has a length of 188 inches, a width of 74 inches, a height of 56 inches, and a wheelbase of 112 inches.

6th generation


BMW 3 series 6th Generation  F30

The F30 BMW is a mid-size luxury sedan that was introduced in the United States in 2011. It’s the first model year for the current generation of the BMW 3 Series. This car has an elegant, sophisticated look with flowing lines and a low-profile.

The exterior features a smooth, aerodynamic design that makes the car extremely fuel efficient. Under the hood is a sophisticated 4-cylinder engine that develops 300 horsepower and is mated to a smooth shifting automatic transmission.

The interior of the F30 BMW is sumptuously appointed with high quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. The car comes standard with a long list of luxurious features, including a DVD player, a Bose stereo system, leather seating, heated seats, and much more.

The F30 BMW comes in several trim levels: the 328i, the 335i, the xDrive AWD model, and the xDrive Sport Sedan.


BMW 3 series 6th Generation  F31

The F31 is the newest generation of the BMW 3 Series sedan. The F31 was a large and luxurious vehicle with seating for five and trunk space for nearly everything you could possibly need.

The car was well-engineered and featured a sophisticated suspension system. It had an excellent reputation for safety and reliability.

In fact, it was one of the safest vehicles of its size on the market. It was available in two trim levels, the base model and the more luxurious M

 The M3 came with a turbocharged four cylinder engine that produced 200 horsepower. This model also featured a six-speed manual transmission, power steering, power disc brakes, and a Torsen limited-slip differential.


BMW 3 series 6th Generation  F34

The F34 BMW is a very luxurious, high-performance sports car. It is powered by a turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine that develops 420 horsepower. The transmission is a manual gearbox with eight forward speeds.

This model comes standard with a number of driver assistance systems that include a rearview camera, a blind spot monitoring system, adaptive cruise control, a lane keep assist system, a distance control system, a park assist system and a dynamic radar cruise control.

This car has a number of unique features including a retractable hardtop, a power tailgate, a heated steering wheel, a leather steering wheel, a 12-volt power outlet, a power-adjustable and power-dressing front seat, a split folding rear seat, and a rearview camera.

It also has a number of very advanced safety systems including an electronic stability control system with rollover mitigation, an emergency brake assist system, an anti-lock braking system with brakeforce distribution, a traction control system, and a number of airbags.

7th generation


Fabian Kirchbauer Photography

The G20 is the codename for the 7th generation of the BMW 3 Series. The G20 is a large, four-door sedan that is offered in three different trims: the 328i, the 335i, and the M. All three trims come standard with a 170 horsepower.

3.0 liter inline six-cylinder engine that produces a maximum of 280 lb.-ft. of torque. The M3 comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission and the 335i and 328i come standard with a six-speed automatic transmission.

All three models are comfortable, spacious, and very well-equipped. They are available in either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The G20 comes in a wide range of exterior colors, including red, black, silver, and yellow.

The interior features include leather upholstery, a DVD-based navigation system, and a comprehensive array of safety and convenience features.  The G20 is one of the most popular sedans in the entire world.


Fabian Kirchbauer Photography

The G21 is the most recent generation of the BMW 3 Series. It was introduced in 2019 and has been updated several times since then. The G21 is a large, luxurious sedan that is very well equipped.

It comes in three trims: the 328i, the 335i, and the M3. All three trims come with a V-6 engine that puts out 240 horsepower. They also feature all-wheel drive and either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.

The G21 comes standard with power windows, power locks, and power seats. It also features remote keyless entry, an AM/FM stereo with four speakers, and a cassette player. There’s also a CD player, but it can only play CDs.

There are many safety features on this car, including anti lock brakes, traction control, and brake assist. There are also front and side air bags for the driver and front passenger. The G21 also comes with a rearview camera, which is useful for parking.


Car warranty service BMW 3 Series?

Yes, all BMW cars have a 36 months or 60,000 miles from the date of delivery from the original in service dealer, whichever occurs first.

This is regardless if you purchased your car from a dealer or an individual private citizen. This is true for all makes and models of cars. 

How can I get an E92 replacement key?

The E92 generation of the BMW 3 series was made from 2006 to 2013. The replacement key for your E92 will be a brand new BMW remote key.

I’ve heard that the G21 uses the same engine as the G20. Is that true?

That is true. However, there were some major improvements made to the engine that is used in the G21.

One of the big differences is the G21 has an 8-way power seat. The G20 only has a 4-way power seat.


BMW 3 Series is a mid-size sedan that was produced by BMW between 1982 and 2004. It was replaced by the 5 Series. The 3 Series is the most popular model in the range and is still in production today.

This is because it is an extremely well built car with strong dynamics and a very comfortable interior. This is a car that has been used by a wide cross section of the public and is therefore very robust and reliable.

It comes in several trims and body styles and continues to be a very cost effective option for people looking for a first car.

Hope this was helpful, thanks for reading! 

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