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Paint scratch removers make it simple to remove swirls and scratches from your car’s surface. Paint scratch removers, on the other hand, are unable to remove some types of scratches off automobiles. A significant scratch on your car not only makes it appear bad, but it also lowers its worth.

There are only three (3) types of car dings. In this article, we’ll go over what causes these scuffs and what you can do to prevent or repair them. Considering that we’ll be focusing on the essentials, it’s going to be a fascinating read.

Different Types Of Car Scratches

When you scratch your car, the sort of damage you get depends on the source. There are a number of things you can do to prevent your car from getting a scratch. But if you have noticed scratches on your car’s body, you should know how to recognize the type of scratch and apply the correct treatment.

1. Clear Coat Scratch

Clear Coat Scratch

Your car’s clear coat, which is the topmost layer of paint, is only affected by this type of scratch.

A clear coating, a transparent finish sprayed on top of the actual color coating, is applied to most current cars to prevent separate elements from having direct contact with the paint color.

Scratches to a car’s clearcoat are by far the most common. They are the result of a variety of activities or acts. As an example, using a thick sponge to wash your car can result in light scratches on the paint. The paint or color of your vehicle is not damaged by these scratches.

The palms and fingers of bystanders may also be rubbed against the body of a parked car while they walk by.

This can also result in minor blemishes on the exterior of your vehicle. When you’re trying to park your automobile, even a light impact can leave you with the scratches we’re talking about right now.

Scenarios, events, or actions such as acid rain or bird droppings can cause this type of car scratch. However, because this scrape is so minor, clear coat scratch removers are all that is needed to get rid of it. Your car’s paint will be exposed to severe weather and damage if you don’t take care of this scrape as soon as feasible.

If the scratch was limited to the transparent coating, how would you know? If you examine the scratch closely, you’ll be able to determine for sure.

Look for scratches that are deeper than a sheet of paper in the clear coat by moving your hand or finger across the region where the scratch occurred.

A light scratch that just harmed the clear coat is more likely if you used your finger and your fingernail didn’t get trapped as you moved it across the mark. Using a car scratch polisher, you can get things back to normal.

2. Paint/Color Coat Scratch

Paint Color Coat Scratch

Lastly, a color coat scratch might damage the finish of your vehicle (also called paint coat scratch).

Scratches of this type penetrate the clear coat layer and reach the car’s true paint. Despite the fact that this type of automobile scratch is difficult to fix, it is still something you can do on your own.

Scratches in the color coat can be caused by a variety of activities. Using a sponge or dry cloths to wash your automobile can result in a deep color scratch. The paint on the body of your car can be damaged by passersby with sharp items if it is left unprotected while parked outdoors.

The only way to fix a scratch that goes right through the paint of your car is to use a compound filler that is the same color as the paint on your car.

Car scratch repair kits are easier to come by if your vehicle has a black or white finish. It will be difficult, but not impossible, to work with complex hues.

Use car covers or a garage to avoid this type of scratch. To clean or dry your car, use microfiber cloths instead of regular towels. Preventing color coat scratches can be as simple as following these simple preventive tips.

This scratch might potentially have been caused by a serious collision, such as when you were parking and unexpectedly hit a tree or a stationary item. Now that you know how to spot a paint or color coat scratch, you can take care of the problem as soon as possible!

You’ll need a whole kit of vehicle scratch remover or a paint solution that matches your automobile paint to remedy this type of scratch (color). For touch-up paints to fully cure, it could take days. You should also apply it carefully to the regions that have been scraped.

Find out the color of the paint on your car by checking your owner’s handbook. Using this information, you will be able to pick the appropriate filler or touch-up paint for your car.

3. Primer Scratch

Primer Scratch

It’s the worst possible scratch for your car. In order for a paint finish to stick to a vehicle, a primer layer is applied first.

Every finish on a car begins with a priming coat. A strong scratch is required for a scratch to penetrate all the way to the primer.

It’s best to take care of a ding like this right away. As a result, your car’s body will be exposed to a wide range of environmental factors after the primer has been damaged.

If the primer layer is damaged, the metallic substance will be subjected to severe circumstances that may cause it to deteriorate or decay faster in most autos.

Primer scratch is apparently very expensive, and you may require a mechanic’s assistance instead of following DIY instructions. When an automobile slams into an object with such force that it leaves a deep scratch, this form of damage is most likely to occur.

Due to the hard impact of a collision, accident, or contact with an item, some panel beating may be required to expose the afflicted areas. Prior to repainting the scratched areas, this step must be completed.

It’s simple to detect if your car’s primer has been scratched by glancing at the place. There are several reasons why it is better to have an auto mechanic repair this scrape, as previously stated. If you like, you can still take care of it on your own.

Any repair applied to primer scratches will take a few days to cure completely. However, the car can be driven immediately following the repair.


Car scratches are an eyesore that detract from the beauty of the vehicle. However, it is impossible to keep your car free of dings and dings.

The most important thing to remember is to always drive cautiously and avoid parking in open spaces whenever possible.

Car scratches can be repaired; but, if the remedy is not done in time, the scratches may lead to other damages, such as rot or your car paint fading quickly.

Scratches can be lessened by waxing your vehicle. Waxing an automobile, on the other hand, doesn’t take a lot of time.

Waxing merely adds a second layer of protection on top of the clear coat, making it more resistant to scratches in the clear coat.