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Cars are a ubiquitous part of our world. They can be found in every country, city and town. But not all cars are the same!  There are many different types of cars that people use for different purposes. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types.



Limousines are the most luxurious type of car. 

Limousines are often used for weddings, proms and other occasions that require a more formal atmosphere. They usually have lots of legroom, TVs and DVD players, and some even come with bars!

There are many different types of limos including stretch limos (longer), party buses (more spacious) or even a Hummer limo! 

Family Car

Family Car


These are usually larger than other kinds of cars, and have room in the car for 5 or more passengers!

They also have higher safety ratings – perfect for transporting the whole family on long trips.

They tend to be a bit more expensive than smaller vehicles, but they are worth the money if you need one!

Sport Car

Sport Car

This is a vehicle that comes with two-seats, wheels, and a small engine. These cars are not used for transporting large groups of people, but rather for driving in style and speed!

Though not usually as comfortable or safe as family-friendly cars, sport car users do not care. They want to feel the thrill of speed, and a sporty car is perfect for them!

Pickup Truck

Pickup Truck

These are used to transport goods and people over land. There is a large open bed at the back of the truck, in which things may be placed, and smaller seats up front.

Pickup Trucks have powerful engines which gives them incredible towing capabilities – they can pull trailers and campers!

SUV vehicle (Sport Utility Vehicles)

SUV vehicle

These look similar to pickup trucks, but have slimmer tires and a higher clearance. SUVs are usually used for driving on rough terrain and off-road. 

They also tend to have a higher clearance which allows greater visibility for the driver, especially in fog or rain.

These are usually luxury vehicles that combine the size and power of trucks with the comfort and sophistication of cars.  Often, they have four-wheel drive capabilities as well!

SUVs tend to be pretty expensive and require a lot of gas.

SUVs are usually larger than cars or compact sedans, so they may be slightly difficult to drive in city traffic.

This means that they may be difficult to control in certain situations where other drivers need a lot of precision such as when lane-changing or parallel parking.  However, this can also be an advantage if you want your vehicle to have more protection from scrapes and scratches!



These have a similar shape to family-friendly vehicles, but they are smaller and taller.

This gives them greater interior storage space and higher ground clearance – perfect for transporting goods!

They do not usually have very fancy interiors, but they are comfortable and reliable.

RV (Recreational Vehicles)

RV (Recreational Vehicles)

These are similar in appearance and shape to vans, but are even bigger.  

They contain a sleeping area, bathrooms (with showers), kitchens with stoves and refrigerators/freezers. RVs are designed for extra comfort!

RVs can be found in many countries around the world, often used by families on vacations or extended road trips.



Coupes are usually very stylish with sharp edges and smooth curves. Many people consider coupes to have the best looks of all the cars! They are also very popular.

Coupes may be modified by adding or removing seats as desired, and by changing up some of the body parts to give a unique look.



These are usually based on coupes or sedans, but with special styling (sharp edges) and suspension features (like lowered ground clearance).

These vehicles may also have special features for racing.  They can be very expensive and take a long time to purchase and modify.

Clubsport vehicles are usually popular as sports cars for racing, but they can be used for other purposes too (like going off-road or driving daily).

They tend to have a high ground clearance because they are built for racing on bumpy, unpaved roads.

Compact Sedan

Compact Sedan

These are usually small two-door sedans.

Today, many people favor these vehicles because they provide plenty of room for passengers and still get good gas mileage!

They tend to be priced lower than sports cars and they are small enough to fit in most parking lots. They also require a smaller amount of gasoline and oil than larger vehicles do (with the possible exception of pickup trucks).



This is a vehicle that may be considered as either a compact sedan, or an SUV. Crossovers tend to be more stylish than most vehicles and are usually built on the chassis of compact sedans. They are also very versatile!

Crossovers may be modified by adding or removing seats as desired, and by changing up some of the body parts to give a unique look.

Dune Buggy

Dune Buggy

This is a vehicle that is used for off-roading.  Maybe you could use it to travel through the desert? It should be pretty good at going over rough terrain and mud (if you add special features like that).

Dune buggies usually have low ground clearance, two seats, and a roll cage for added safety.

Dune buggies are usually built on top of a four-wheel drive chassis, and have fiberglass shells with exposed metal frame underneath for extra ruggedness.  

Extended Cab Pickup Truck

Extended Cab Pickup Truck

This is a vehicle that comes with a normal cab, but an extended bed for hauling and transporting items.

One advantage of the extended cab pickup truck is that it has a lot more room than a regular cab vehicle, but it can still be used whenever you need to transport something larger than you could in an SUV or a van.  

It may not offer as much protection for passengers because there’s only one door on each side, but it’s still a good choice for people who need to haul groceries, or who drive in less populated areas. It is also useful for construction companies that want to efficiently transport materials and tools from one place to another.

Super Car

Super Car

Super cars are usually expensive, fast, and powerful. They are also used for racing!

These types of vehicles can be very eye-catching because they tend to have interesting designs.  Some people like them because they can use their super car as a status symbol to show how important they are.

Super cars can have standard seats or two-seaters.

Most super cars are also pretty heavy, so they may be difficult to control in bad weather. This is why the term “super” refers not just to their speed and performance, but also to their stability and handling ability.

MPV ( Multi-purpose Vehicles)

MPV ( Multi-purpose Vehicles)

These vehicles are used for carrying passengers on trips. They can be used as taxis, or to travel in large family groups (with more than four people).

MPVs are a very popular type of vehicle today because they’re great for transporting a lot of people at once!  

They may also come with optional features like DVD players and power windows for convenience. These types of vehicles are also used by many businesses and groups to transport passengers from one place to another.

MPVs are sometimes referred to as minibuses or people movers.



A roadster is a convertible vehicle. It may have two-seats or four-seats (like a coupe).

Roadsters usually have very small trunks, but they can be modified to give more space for luggage.

These vehicles are good if you want to feel the breeze in your hair when you are driving!



Hatchbacks are usually similar to station wagons or crossovers, but they have a trunk instead of an area behind the seats.  

Some hatchbacks can seat more passengers than other types of vehicles!

These types of vehicles may also be considered as sedans (if they have four side doors), or as crossovers (if they have two). Hatchbacks are very roomy and versatile, which is why many people prefer them over station wagons.  

On the other hand, hatchbacks cannot be used to transport large items because their trunks are usually small.

Hatchbacks are usually pretty inexpensive and easy to maintain! They may also be more fuel efficient than larger vehicles.



A convertible is like a roadster with a soft top instead of an open-air design.

Some people like the fact that convertibles can be converted from open air to closed air with just a single touch (whereas you may need several steps to do this with a roadster).

A convertible also has the advantage of offering extra space for passengers without losing any of the style. But it does come with less trunk space because the soft top needs room.

Muscle Car

Muscle Car

A muscle car is a type of sports car that was popular in the 60s and 70s. They were built to be very powerful, and they usually had large engines with high horsepower.

Muscle cars are generally two-seaters, but there are also “coupes” (the coupes have more room for passengers, but they tend to be a bit slower).

The bigger engine and the wide tires (which give more grip) make these vehicles great for driving on roads with curves, or on bumpy terrain. They are also considered good choices for racing!

Race Car

Race Car

A race car is a special type of sports car that has been modified to increase its speed and performance. This kind of vehicle is usually only used for racing, and not for other purposes.

Race cars are usually very lightweight because they have large engines with high horsepower (and this makes them even faster).

Most race cars are two-seaters, and some are open-air. They have to be smaller than standard cars because they may need to pass through tight spaces when the racing track is being set up.

Race cars are usually designed for endurance racing (races that last a long time). So they aren’t just built for speed, but also for stability and handling.

Hybrid/Electric Car


Electric cars are becoming more common as the world becomes more concerned about pollution. They run on electricity instead of gasoline and they produce no exhaust fumes in the process.

Hybrids are a combination of electric and gasoline engines. These vehicles have a larger battery that can store energy when you brake your car.

Hybrid engines can be as powerful as gasoline engines. They usually have a much better fuel efficiency than gas-only vehicles. But their battery storage capacity is smaller, so most hybrid cars cannot go for long distances without charging.

Hybrids may suffer from limited trunk space because of the battery system, although some of them actually have space to store a larger battery pack at the rear.

Most hybrids have two-seats, but there are also some that have four doors and can carry up to five passengers.

These vehicles have a very limited range though, and they can only go for about 100 miles at a time.

Hybrids and electric cars usually have smaller engines than gas-only vehicles.  This means that they are generally more efficient and easier to control (because it isn’t necessary to accelerate as fast).  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the car shaking or making a lot of noise?

If you are feeling a shaking or vibration in your vehicle, check for grinding sounds in the differential area, transmission and rear end area and see if there are any clicking sounds. If so, then it is likely that these areas need to be lubricated. Changing the fluid will help with noise as well.

Heavy loads in blind spots can also create a shaking sensation. There could also be serious problems with suspension issues or alignment that cause the car to shake unnaturally while driving which indicates it may need an alignment service or other repairs soon.

Why is the car losing power at high speeds?

The car may be overheating or running too hot.

In this situation, the owner should drive slower and/or follow the messages in the vehicle’s instrument cluster to find a safe place to pull over and let the engine cool down. It’s difficult to exactly pinpoint why a vehicle is overheating without performing a full inspection on it, but some of these common causes include:

– Dirt or engine oil getting onto the alternator belt which reduces cooling air flow  (usually due to improper belt maintenance or due to an old water pump).

– Low refrigerant levels in your AC unit causing higher outside temperatures that lead your car to run hotter (possibly caused by a leak somewhere in your system) or other causes.


There are many types of cars, but the type you choose should depend on what your need is.

The best way to figure out which one would work for you is by considering things like: where will I be driving most often? Will it be mainly paved roads or bumpy terrain? How much space do I have in my garage? Do I want a vehicle that’s good for racing and performance-driven, or does practicality matter more to me when choosing a car (i.e., can this vehicle fit into standard parking spots)? Is comfort important to me as well as power and speed, or vice versa? 

Ultimately, there isn’t really “one size fits all” answer because everyone has different needs. So take some time to consider which car is best for you!