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There are hundreds of different types of decks available for your home. From simple concrete slabs to wooden platforms to exotic teak and cedar options, you can customize your deck to fit your lifestyle. With so many choices, it can be hard to know where to begin. 

This guide will give you an overview of the most common options and the pros and cons of each one. It will also include information on how to choose a type of deck that is perfect for your home and your lifestyle.

Attached Deck

Attached Deck

An attached deck is one which is built onto the main house instead of being a separate structure. It’s very common in Florida and South of Florida. The idea is to have a screened in porch where you can sit outdoors even when it’s raining or snowing. Sometimes these porches are enclosed with sliding glass doors.

An attached deck is really two different structures glued (with sealant) together. The bottom part is often framed with 2×4’s, treated lumber or metal studs. It’s covered with decking material like cedar or treated pine. 

The upper part is usually framed with 2×6’s or 2×8’s. It has a roof and is supported by deck posts. The top of the posts may be capped with decorative molding or simply left exposed. Sometimes a railing is installed along the edge.

An attached deck is a great way to enjoy your outdoor living space all year round. Whether you use it for entertaining, grilling out, playing pool or just relaxing, an attached deck is a useful addition to any home. It gives you a place to extend your living area without having to build an entire extension. An attached deck gives you more living space without taking up any more floor space than you already have.

This type of deck is especially handy if you live in an older home where it may not be feasible or desirable to add an extra story to your house. If you have a two-story home, you can still enjoy the benefits of an attached deck. You can see below a picture of a home with an attached deck that was built in the 1920’s. This home was recently remodeled and the original deck was still in great shape.

Detached, Floating, or Island Deck

An island deck is a great way to enjoy your outdoor living space all year long. An island deck is simply a wooden deck with a platform built on top of it. The platform is called the “island” and it gives you a place to put furniture or other items to make your deck more functional. It also provides you with a dry, flat surface that is safe from the elements.

You can install an island on almost any type of deck, but it is especially useful if your deck is made of wood. Wood decks are very common and they are very durable. You can use an island on your existing deck or you can build a new one. Whichever you decide to do, it will be easy to do. All you need is a good decking contractor and you can have an island in no time at all.

An island deck is a very popular type of outdoor deck that is becoming increasingly more common. This type of deck is typically located on the side of a house that faces a body of water. It gives you a great place to unwind and enjoy the scenery. It also provides a great place to fish from, or just kick back and relax.

An island deck is usually constructed with either wooden or composite decking. The deck is supported by a combination of posts, beams, and struts. The posts and beams are usually set on concrete or stone slabs. A railing is usually attached to the perimeter of the deck to keep people from falling off.

Wraparound Deck

Wraparound Deck

A wraparound deck is a great way to give your boat a custom look. It gives the boat a more finished look and also provides a place to display a flag or pennant. Wraparound decks are available in a variety of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, teak, and mahogany. They are attached to the transom of the boat with screws or bolts and have a cap that covers the entire front of the boat. The cap has a hole in the center so you can run a rope through the hole and attach it to something on the dock or beach if you want to tie up your boat.

Wraparound decks can be purchased separately and then installed on your own boat. However, it is also possible to have them fabricated and installed on your boat by a professional boat builder. They will add a custom look to your boat without adding much to the cost of the build.

Multi-Level Deck

A multi-level deck is a great way to give your outdoor living space an instant makeover. It’s easy to install and looks great. You should be able to get all of the parts you need at your local home center. This project will only take a few hours to put together and it will look great for years to come.

A multi-level deck is a great way to add value to your home without having to shell out a fortune. People often overlook the fact that they can be very functional too. A multi-level deck can be a great addition to your home whether you are building a new home or simply adding an extension onto your existing home.

Multi-level decks are especially useful if your house has limited floor space. They can be built into the structure of your house or you can build one separately. Whichever you decide to do, you should definitely get a professional to help you with the construction. It can be tricky and there are many pitfalls to avoid. If you attempt to build this type of deck yourself, you could end up spending a lot more money than you would have otherwise.

Side-Yard Deck

Side-Yard Deck

A side-yard deck is a great addition to your home if you have a large backyard. A side-yard deck gives you a great place to entertain guests or just get away from it all. You can host barbecues, cocktail parties, and many other types of events on a side-yard deck. 

This is a great way to use a portion of your property that might otherwise go unused. You can make it look like a true outdoor space or you can add a little “cocooning” to your home by using the side-yard deck for more intimate gatherings.

A side-yard deck is a flat, horizontal surface that extends the width of the house. It is attached to the side of the house at ground level. A side-yard deck can be a great place to entertain guests because it provides a low-profile, unobstructed view of the interior of the home. It also gives you a great place to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of your private oasis. You can use it year round, even in the snow.

You can use it for sunning yourself, grilling out, playing pool or just relaxing with a good book or newspaper. The possibilities are endless. This is a simple, low-cost project that will give you a wonderful place to spend time with your family and friends.

Swimming Pool Deck

Most pools have a deck surrounding the pool. This is where you go when it’s nice out and you want to enjoy the weather. If your pool has a deck, you should consider having a swimming pool deck covering. This will keep the area surrounding the pool free from debris and dirt and make the area more appealing.

A swimming pool deck covering will also help prevent the growth of algae and other types of mildew. Mildew is unattractive and can cause health problems. A swimming pool deck covering will extend the life of your pool and keep it looking new longer.

Swimming pool decks are made of a composite material called “Composite TPO” which is an acronym for “Thermoplastic Polyolefin.” This is the same material used to make boat hulls. It’s extremely durable and can withstand the elements. It will not rot, crack, or peel like wood does.

 It has a glossy finish that makes it easy to clean. It comes in a variety of colors and styles. Some are stamped, some are painted, and others are colored with a stain. Whichever you choose, they all look great and they’re all tough enough for the job.

Entryway Deck

Entryway Deck

An entryway deck is a small, square, L-shaped platform built right into the door way of your home. It’s usually made from pressure treated lumber and measures about 2-1/2 feet long by 1-1/2 feet wide. The idea is that you place items such as mail, keys and small change on this little surface and then it serves as a catch all for things that need to be returned to their proper place.

You can find these little guys in almost any house that was built before 1990. If you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, you can have one of these built in for you at no extra charge. It will make your life so much easier. You won’t have to hunt for stuff all over the house anymore. Everything will be right where you need it.

A common complaint about the foyer is that it is too small. When you have a lot of people coming and going, the foyer can get quite congested. You can solve this problem by putting a second set of doors in the foyer. These doors would lead to a deck that is attached to the house. You can then use this deck for additional storage or just for a nice place to sit when you have visitors.

Deck for Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining on a deck is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors. It offers you a chance to take in the scenery while savoring some of the best meals of your life. Of course, you don’t have to have an outdoor kitchen to have an outdoor dining deck. You can create a beautiful, inviting space even if you only have a few square feet.

This type of space should be designed with the same care as your indoor living spaces. It should be built so it will withstand the elements for years to come. Make sure the area is properly graded and drains well. You should also install a waterproof membrane underlayment under the decking. This will prevent water from seeping up through the decking and causing rot or other damage.

This deck is made of pressure-treated lumber and has a non-skid surface. It’s designed to withstand the elements and is easy to maintain. You can get one of these decks for about $1,000.00 and up. They come in various sizes, but the one shown here is 48 inches by 72 inches. This size should be more than enough space for two average-sized people to dine comfortably side-by-side.

Rooftop or Over-Garage Deck

Rooftop or Over-Garage Deck

An over-garage deck is an extension of your garage that you can use for all kinds of things. It can be used for storage, workshops, play areas for your kids, or whatever else you can think of. The main thing is that it is an extension of your garage and thus, is attached to your house. This means that it will be built to the same standards as your garage. That way, it will be very durable and can take a beating from all the stuff that gets put in there.

There are many different types of over-garage decks available. Some are simply a 2×4 that has been cut to length, others are constructed with 2x6s, 2x8s or even 2x10s. Whatever material is used to construct the deck, it must be strong enough to support all of the weight that will be placed on it.

You can add an over-garage to your home in a variety of ways. One of the simplest is to just have a contractor build one for you. Another option is to buy an already built one. Yet another option is to build one yourself. 

Whatever method you choose, make sure that it is built according to code. If it isn’t, then you could wind up with a serious safety problem on your hands. You should also make sure that the over-garage has proper drainage.


What deck should i use?

The decks you use for your home will depend on your type of home. If you have a mobile home, you will want to use a block or cement block structure. However, if you have a stick-built home, you can use either a block or wood-framed structure.

Why is deck footing important?

There are many reasons why having a solid base for your deck is important. Here are just a few of them: 

If your deck is not constructed properly, it is possible for it to become unlevel. This means that you will start to feel a little bit “off balance” when you are walking on your deck. This can lead to falling over and hurting yourself. A poorly constructed or level deck will also make it difficult for you to enjoy your deck because of all the work you have to do to keep it level. 

Deck footings are important for other reasons as well. One of them is that they prevent your deck from being “sucked” up into your home if there is a high water table in the area where you live.


A deck is a flat surface such as a table or a countertop. A person who builds a deck will often use it to sit at while eating or drinking. People also use them as a place to display pictures, plants, and other items they like to look at.

Decks are very important in our lives because they are part of our living spaces. They can be as small or as large as we need them to be.

We hope that the above article will help you learn more about the types of decks you can have in your home or business.