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There are many different types of jobs a photographer can have. But, most of the time, a photographer is hired to take pictures at special events such as weddings, parties, or any other type of social gathering.

But, there are also many other types of jobs a photographer can have such as taking scenic photos, product photography, real estate photography, and so on.

In this article, we are going to talk about the different types of jobs a photographer can have and give you some tips on how to get hired for those different types of jobs.

Portrait Photographer

Portrait Photographer

If you want to become a portrait photographer, you must have a “feel” for people. You need to know what makes people happy, sad, angry, and so on. This is something that cannot be taught. It’s something you either have or you don’t. If you’re not sure if you have this natural talent, then just observe people for a few days and you’ll soon figure it out.

You see, when you become a good portrait photographer, you will instinctively know what kind of expression works best on your subjects. You will instinctively know what props work best to set the scene and make your subjects look their very best.

Commercial Photographer

A commercial photographer is someone who takes photos for advertising purposes. A good commercial photographer should be able to take pictures that sell a product or service. He or she should be able to take pictures that make a product look appealing and desirable.

A commercial photographer should be able to take pictures that make a person interested in a product or service. A commercial photographer should be able to take pictures that make a person curious about a product or service. He or she should be able to take pictures that make a person hungry to learn more about a product or service.

Scientific Photographer

Scientific photographer

A scientific photographer is someone who uses scientific principles to create beautiful photographs. Professional photographers use a variety of techniques to achieve this end. The most important of these is light. Without good light, a photograph is not going to be pleasing to the eye. It is only when light hits a subject properly that it can reveal its true beauty. Without proper light, even the best-designed subject won’t look great.

A scientific photographer uses light in many different ways. He will arrange his or her subject in a way that diffused light is bouncing off of all sides. This makes the subject look more three dimensional and less flat. He will also use light in the same manner as an artist does. He will use light to create shapes and patterns that give the photograph visual interest. He will also use light to “paint” the photograph with color. This gives the photo vibrancy and life.


A photojournalist is someone who shoots newsworthy images for a living. They might work for a newspaper, magazine, advertising agency, or even a corporate or commercial client. However, they probably won’t work for your average Joe. 

Photojournalists are usually very well-paid and have a very high rate of self-esteem. They have a passion for what they do and are very serious about their craft. They will spend hours learning all the little details of their chosen subject.

They will scour the entire globe looking for the exact shot they need to tell their story. If you ever need to hire a photographer, then make sure you only hire a photojournalist. There is a huge difference. 

Moreover, if you’re in the market for a new camera, then you should seriously consider getting one with a photo capability. You’ll find it much easier to capture special moments with this feature. It will also come in handy when you need to hire a photojournalist to shoot an event for you.

Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographer

A wedding photographer is a person who specializes in taking pictures at weddings. Wedding photographers are often hired by the couple themselves, but sometimes they are hired by the venue or the wedding party.

Wedding photographers can be very creative and make some of the most unique photographs of any kind of event. They can take great portraits of you and your partner before the ceremony and also take candids throughout the day. They might use long exposures to capture the sparkle of the bride’s jewelry or the bling of the groom’s ring as the two of you walk down the aisle.

Wedding photographers can even create really dramatic photographs that will last a lifetime. They might set up a shot where the two of you are standing under a beautiful tree or near a gorgeous vista. Then, they will take a series of photos over a period of time so they get a moving portrait of you both together. This type of photograph has a lot more “heartbeat” to it than a typical posed photo.

Event Photographer

An event photographer is someone who goes to various types of events (weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, etc.) and takes photos so that the people who attended the event can look back and remember the good times.

Event photographers are usually hired by the party organizers and are often freelancers. However, sometimes they are employees of a company like Ad Agency Photos or they may work for a newspaper or magazine. Whatever the case, they are usually very skilled at getting the best photos of the event no matter what. They are trained to be observant and to notice little things that others might miss.

Product Photographer

Product photographer

A product photographer is someone who specializes in taking pictures of products for advertising and marketing purposes. A good product photographer will have a natural eye for composition and will know exactly what type of picture will make a given product look its best.

A good product photographer will have a keen sense of what makes a product appealing and will be able to capture that on film. He or she will understand what makes a product unique and will be able to highlight that particular feature in a way that will make it stand out.

Fashion Photographer

A fashion photographer is someone who specializes in taking pictures of models for the purposes of selling clothing or other accessories. The fashion photographer is hired by a design house or a retail store to help them sell their merchandise. He or she works closely with the fashion designer or merchandiser to create advertising campaigns and catalogs that feature the latest fashions.

The fashion photographer must have a good eye for fashion and an artistic eye for composition. He or she has to be able to recognize what makes a particular outfit or fashion statement work. Moreover, the fashion photographer must know how to shoot models so that the photos will actually sell the merchandise. If the model is not properly lit, the photo won’t be as effective.

Architectural Photographer

Architectural photographer

An architectural photographer is someone who travels the world taking pictures of buildings and then sells those photos to architects and building owners. It is a very competitive business. The owner of this website is NOT an architectural photographer. 

However, he has been collecting and studying thousands of architectural photographs for many years. He has developed a keen eye for what makes a photograph appealing to the human eye. 

Travel Photographer

A travel photographer is someone who specializes in taking pictures for people who want to have great looking vacation photos taken of themselves and their families. Travel photographers will go anywhere their clients go and will photograph everything their clients do. They may even be willing to stay at a hotel that their clients are staying at if it will help them get a great shot of their client.

Most often, a travel photographer will work with a local professional photographer and the two of them will create a package deal where the client gets great photos and the travel photographer gets paid. 

Sometimes though, a travel photographer will work on a “pure” basis and the client will just have to be willing to pay the travel photographer’s expenses. Whatever the case, the travel photographer is almost always willing to go to some lengths to get the job done and get the photos taken.

Sports Photographer

Sports photographer

A sports photographer is someone who goes to sporting events and takes photos of the players and the action on the field or in the arena. A good sports photographer will know his or her equipment inside and out, have great knowledge of the game or sport, and be able to capture the action on film or digital media with speed and skill.

A sports photographer should have a keen sense of the drama and excitement of the game or event and be able to communicate that excitement to the viewer through his or her photographs. 

The best sports photographers are those who are not only technically skilled but who also have a feel for the game or event that makes them almost “feel” what the players are feeling. This ability to “feel” the action of the game or event is extremely valuable because it allows the photographer to capture the action in such a way that the viewer can almost vicariously experience it.

Food Photographer

A food photographer is someone who specializes in taking photos of foods for use in advertising and other marketing campaigns. The main difference between a food stylist and a food photographer is that the food stylist is usually responsible for creating the “look” of the dish while the food photographer focuses on the actual taking of the photo.

Food photographers must be able to shoot in a variety of lighting situations and often work with a variety of different types of foods. Food photographers need to be detail oriented and have a good eye for composition. They should be comfortable working with clients and have a good rapport with them.

Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife photographer

A wildlife photographer is someone who spends a lot of time observing and taking note of all the different kinds of animals in the world. He or she will then use this information to create a portfolio of images that will allow the viewer to see these animals in a whole new light.

A wildlife photographer will travel to remote areas where there are lots of animals to photograph. He will bring along all the necessary gear including a large lens, a sturdy tripod and a good supply of film. After a long day of shooting, he will develop his film and go through it looking for the best photos. 

These will be the ones with the most interesting and unique poses as well as the ones with the most action. Action usually means the animal is doing something unusual or perhaps something that is very threatening. The photographer will keep only the best photos and put them into an album. This album will be his portfolio.


What Does a Photographer Do?

A photographer is a person who takes photographs. Usually, a photographer is a professional who will take a photo of a subject and it will be a perfect representation of what they saw. They will use a camera to take the photo.

However, there are amateurs who take photos with their own cameras. These photos are not as good as those taken by a pro but, they are much better than no photo at all. There are many different ways you can get photos of your products or services. You can take them yourself using a simple camera.

What are the challenges of being a photographer?

If you’re looking to make money with your camera, you’ll probably need to be good at taking photos. But, if you have the right equipment, it doesn’t have to be very expensive. In fact, you can get started making big profits by shooting free photos for website owners and other people who are willing to pay you for them. 

Is photography a hard job?

It depends on who you ask. It’s true that with the digital cameras nowadays, anybody can point and shoot, which is why most people can use a camera without too much practice. However, if you are looking for high-quality images, then you will have to practice.

Practice using the camera properly, so that when you do take a picture, you get the results you want. You see, even though it’s easy to use a camera, it’s not easy to use a good camera.


There are many different kinds of jobs that a person can do as a photographer. Some of the most common ones are advertising, fashion, portrait, event, product, and so on. It is really important for you to find a job that you like so you can be happy while doing it.

If you are just starting out in this field, you should consider doing a type of work that you are passionate about. This will make your work more interesting and it will also make you a better photographer.

We hope this article has been a good help to you. We wish you all the best!