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A steering wheel is a driving aid designed to give the driver better control over the vehicle. The way it works is by providing resistance to the direction the driver turns the wheel. This makes it easier to turn the wheel when making tight maneuvers or when parking on uneven ground.

On the other hand, this resistance makes it harder to turn the wheel when making sharp maneuvers or when driving on smooth ground. What type of steering wheel should you get for your car? Well, that really depends on what you want.

You see, some people like a “soft” steering wheel while others like a “hard” one. And, there are many different “styles” of steering wheels, each with their own unique characteristics.

List 5 Types of Steering Wheels

Tilt Steering Wheels

Tilt Steering Wheels

Tilt steering wheels are becoming increasingly common. They give the driver a better view of the road and allow him/her to see over the steering wheel when the vehicle is in reverse. They are also very useful when parking because they help the driver see the spaces available when backing up.

Most tilt steering wheels can be adjusted so the driver can adjust the angle at which the wheel tilts. This allows the driver to get out of the way when someone else is using the car or to lean forward if the driver wants to check something on the dashboard. 

Telescope Steering Wheels

Telescope Steering Wheels

A telescope steering wheel is a special kind of wheel that is designed for use with a telescope. It has a diameter of 19 inches, which is the same diameter as a normal car steering wheel. Telescope steering wheels are often made of lightweight aluminum or plastic and have a hard rubber or vinyl covering on the top.

They also have a thin layer of rubber or vinyl under the covering on the bottom. This bottom layer grips the telescope tube and keeps the telescope steady when the driver turns the wheel.

You can use a telescope steering wheel with almost any telescope. However, it is especially useful with a binocular or a spotting scope. This is because the spotting scope has a very long tube and the wheel makes it easy to keep the scope focused on a distant object. Without the wheel, it would be difficult to keep the scope aimed at a fixed object.

Adjustable Steering Wheels

Steering wheels are designed to give you a better grip on the wheel so that you don’t have to hold on so tight to avoid getting injured. However, many people find that it is difficult to get a good grip on the wheel with their bare hands. That’s why adjustable steering wheels were invented. These are steering wheels that are designed to allow you to move the wheel forward or backward to get a better grip on it.

There are a number of different types of adjustable steering wheels. Some are designed to work with a specific make and model of vehicle. Others are universal and will work on any type of vehicle. There are also adjustable steering wheels that are designed to work with different driving conditions. For example, there are steering wheels that have a knob on the side that allows you to adjust the wheel for wet or dry conditions.

Swing-Away Steering Wheels

Swing-Away Steering Wheels

Swing-away steering wheels are designed to make it easy for you to move your steering wheel forward or backward when you want to check your mirrors or get out of your vehicle. This feature is especially useful for people who are tall like me.

Most of the time, the steering wheel is located at such a height that it is almost impossible to see the buttons without leaning way over. Not only that, even if you could see them, it is almost impossible to reach them. With a swing away steering wheel, all you have to do is push the wheel down and it will lower until you can access the buttons.

This is a simple device that is easy to install and use. It should be on every vehicle that has an automatic transmission. If you are in the market for a new car or truck, this should be one of the features that you look for. It is especially useful for older people who have trouble seeing the steering wheel.

Recirculating Ball Steering Wheels

Recirculating Ball Steering Wheels

A recirculating ball steering wheel is one of those “must have” items for any car owner. It is a simple device that makes driving much more pleasurable. It works like this: Imagine you are driving a car with a regular steering wheel attached to it. Now, imagine that the steering wheel has a bunch of tiny balls attached to it. These balls are all connected by a wire to the vehicle’s steering mechanism.

What happens when you turn the steering wheel is that the balls all move in the same direction that you are turning the wheel. However, they do so in a very random fashion. This causes the car to turn in a more natural manner.

In fact, if you turn the wheel hard enough, the car will actually turn in a circle. This is an extremely pleasurable sensation! It is like driving a car on a racetrack without having to exert any effort whatsoever.


How Do I Measure for a Telescoping Steering Wheel?

Measure the diameter of the steering wheel you are replacing. You can do this by placing a tape measure or ruler over the steering wheel with the tape measure or ruler touching the steering wheel.

Make sure the end of the tape measure or ruler is at the 12 o’clock position and then measure from there to the 6 o’clock position. This will give you the diameter of the steering wheel in inches. If your steering wheel has a split ring that holds it on the steering column, remove the steering wheel split ring.

Which Telescoping Steering Wheel is Best?

A Steering wheel that has a telescoping option will be better than one that doesn’t. It will be more comfortable for you when you use it. 

It will give you more control over your vehicle and reduce the risk of accidents. The telescoping feature will also make it easier to get into and out of the car.

Do All Cars Have Telescoping Steering?

Some cars only come with telescoping steering shafts as an optional feature. If you don’t have it, you can install one yourself. You can look for the telescoping feature in the car’s user’s manual.

What material is the steering wheel made of?

The most common material for making steering wheels is plastic, but some cars use leather, wood, or aluminum. The material for your steering wheel can be an important factor when you want to maintain or restore the car.

How should you choose the steering wheel size?

The diameter of the steering wheel can also be an important factor. The size should be the right fit for the driver’s hand. If you are not comfortable with the size, then you should purchase a different product that better fits your hands.

However, do not adjust the steering wheel to make it too large because this will put undue strain on your arms and shoulders. Also, if the steering wheel is too large, then it will be difficult to operate the clutch and brake pedals. One size does not fit all When shopping for a car, you should also consider the size of the vehicle.

How long is the life of the steering wheel?

The life of the steering wheel is the same as the life of the car. It’s about 4-1/2 years.

What is the way to clean the steering wheel?

Please clean the steering wheel regularly. It’s easy. Just use a soft cloth with a mild detergent, and wipe the steering wheel clean. This will prevent the steering wheel from being scratched.

Which steering wheel do luxury cars use?

Most luxury cars use leather or Alcantara steering wheels. And most of them don’t have airbag switches on the steering wheel. Leather and alcantara are both natural products. So is airbag plastic. And, if you scratch either one of those three materials, you’ll scratch an expensive part of your car. 

What are the signs of a broken steering wheel?

Difficulty turning the steering wheel, Steering wheel is not centered in its socket. A car with great steering will track straight even when driving on an uneven surface.

Which brand sells steering wheel replacement parts?

Buy steering wheel parts from trusted brands like Momo, Nardi, OMP, Personal, etc…OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”. It basically means the car company that originally made your car put a certain part in it. That’s why they are also sometimes called “original” or “genuine” parts.

How much is the cost of steering wheel replacement?

Average cost of steering wheel replacement is $150 to $300.


There are many different kinds of steering wheels and they are created to make driving easier and more comfortable. Some of them have an extra grip and some of them are designed to be slippery. In any case, you should be aware of what kind of steering wheel you are using.

If you do not know which kind of steering wheel you are using, ask your car dealer or check the owner’s manual that comes with your car. Also, it is important to know which kind of steering wheel is more suitable for you.

As you can see, there are many different kinds of steering wheels and they are all created for different reasons.

Hope this article helped you a little bit.