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Tire upsizing is a good way to make your car run better and look better. But putting on tyres that are too big for your car can sometimes make it harder to control. The speedometer error is also caused by putting on bigger tyres. As a general rule, the difference in diameter between two sizes of tyres should be less than 3%. We made this easy-to-use tyre upsize calculator for you. Just put in the size of your original equipment (OEM) tyre and the size of the tyre you want to upgrade to:

How to Read Tyre Size?

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The size of the tyre, how much it can hold, and how fast it can go are all written on the sidewall. Example: 185/65R15 88T. Let’s find out what these marks mean:

1) Tire Width: The first three numbers show the width of the tyre in millimetres. In the case shown above, the width of the tyre is 185mm.

2) Aspect Ratio/Profile: This number is used to figure out if the tyre will be high profile or low profile (height of sidewall). It is shown by the two-digit number that comes after the slash. This number is the height of the cross-section of the tyre divided by its width. In the example above, the profile/height of the tyre will be equal to 65% of 185. (tyre width).

3) Type of Tire: Bias Belt, Diagnol cross-ply, and Radial are the three types of tyre construction. The “R” stands for “radial tyre” in this case.

4) Rim Diameter: The two-digit number that comes next is the diameter of the rim that this tyre will be mounted on. In the first case, the diameter of the rim is 15 inches.

5) Load Index: The tyre’s load rating is shown by the next two-digit number after the space.

6) Speed Rating: The letter at the end shows the speed rating of the tyre. The tire’s top speed rating should always be higher than the car’s top speed. In this case, the speed rating is shown by the letter “T.”

Common Tyre Sizes Available in India

How is Tyre Upsizing Calculated?

The diameters of two different sizes of tyres are compared. The difference in size between them can’t be more than 3%. Add the size of the rim to the size of the tyre (tyre sidewall height x 2).

What are the Benefits of Tyre Upsizing?

Tire upsizing can be a great way to make your car look better and give it better grip on the road.

What are the disadvantages of Upsizing?

Some of the problems that can come from getting bigger tyres are a bigger tramlining effect, a heavier steering wheel, less fuel efficiency, and more noise on the road. So, use this tool to find the right size of tyre.