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Where Is The Automatic Transmission Speed Sensor Located?

To help you with your vehicle speed sensor troubleshooting or maybe to find out where the automatic transmission speed sensor is, this post is for you. You can also find out how to test the transmission speed sensor. People who drive cars need to know how fast the transmission is moving. Many modern cars have two transmission speed sensors, one at the input shaft and one at the output shaft. These sensors can help you figure out how fast the transmission is moving.

It turns out that it is a magnetic sensor that gives information and lets the transmission shift properly. It also helps keep track of the number of revolutions inside the machine and then sends that information to the machine’s control unit. People use this information to figure out how fast the wheel turns.

You want to find out what’s going on with your car’s transmission when it has problems and shows a fault code, but how important is it? What if you don’t know where it is? What will you do then?

To answer your question, “where is the automatic transmission speed sensor?” I’m going to write about it in this post.

Where is the automatic transmission speed sensor located?

To find your transmission speed sensors, look for them near the front and back of the transmission housing unit, which is where the transmission goes. It was put there for the sensor to be able to tell the engine’s computer system about the rotation and speed of the shaft through the wires that connect to it. However, you can check your car’s repair manual for help.

You need to keep an eye on your car’s speed through the sensors in the engine. The speed sensor is very important because it lets the engine’s onboard computer system change how the engine works so that it can get the most power.

But if you think there’s a problem with your car’s speed sensor, you can check it out with the help of a voltmeter. To figure out what’s wrong with your car’s speed sensor, read on for how to test the transmission speed sensor.

First, check if the Speed Sensor is getting an Input from the On-Board Computer

It’s the first step.

Pull the front of the car and then use the jack stand to put it down. Make sure the rear wheel isn’t moving. Find the speed sensor that is close to the back of the transmission and look for the wire that goes to it.

Step two:

It’s important to make sure that the sensor’s wire is not connected to the wiring harness where it is connected to the frame.

During the time the ignition is on, your voltmeter should be connected to the wires that are called “reference wires.” As soon as you couldn’t read any voltage, there could be a problem with the onboard computer.

Now you should check if the Speed Sensor is bad

It’s the first step.

The ignition needs to be turned off before the harness can be connected again. Make sure to remove the electrical connector from the speed sensor, and the bolt that attaches it to the transmission housing should be taken out. Take the sensor out one by one.

Step two:

Use a voltmeter to check the AC voltage that pulses while you slowly turn the gear with your hand. You can put the speed sensor on any surface. In the case that you didn’t get any voltage, it means that the sensor is broken.

All you need to do is get a new sensor put in the transmission and change the retaining bolt.

Can Wheel Speed Sensors Affect Transmission?

Yes, having a wheel speed sensor can change the transmission. Because of this, if it goes bad, the PCM won’t be able to control the shifting of the gears around the transmission. The transmission may shift more quickly when this happens, which could be dangerous.

How Long Can You Drive A Car With A Bad Speed Sensor?

Remember that the speed sensors must be able to tell the transmission control unit how fast each wheel is going. This means that if these speed sensors aren’t working right or are broken all together, they will send the wrong or no signal to the system that is connected to them.

When this happens, the ABS may process the wrong signals, which could make your car work weirdly when you want to change gears.

The speed sensor in your car doesn’t work, but you can still drive your car for a long time. But you should keep in mind that the wrong signals it sends to the ABS can make other smart car parts not work properly.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Speed Sensor?

Broken Odometer Or Speedometer

Almost all cars use a speed sensor to power the speedometers that are linked to the transmission. This means that when these speed sensors fail, the speedometer won’t be able to tell you how fast you are going. If you want to know how fast you’re going, you can use the same sensor as the speedometer.

Transmission Issues

It can be very bad for your vehicle’s transmission system if your speed sensors aren’t working properly. This is especially true if your vehicle has an automatic transmission. When your transmission is broken, your car won’t be able to go as fast as it used to. You’ll also see shifts that are long and hard. This is not the only thing you’ll see.

No Cruise Control

Your car’s cruise control needs to know how fast a vehicle is going in order for it to work properly. There will be no cruise control until you fix the speed sensor, so if it goes bad, you can’t use it until you do that.

Illuminated Check Engine Light

Your car’s check engine light is a very important part of your car. When the light turns on, there’s a problem with your car, and you need to fix it. As long as the light is on, you won’t know for sure if the transmission speed sensors are to blame for the problem unless you check them out.

What Could Happen When Driving Without A Speed Sensor?

This means that when the speed sensors go bad and send out the wrong or no signal to the system that is connected to them, the system won’t know what to do. So, what could happen is that the ABS could process the wrong signals and make your car act weird when you want to change gears. This could also cause the transmission to shift quickly or even rougher than normal.

Once something isn’t right, it should be fixed. Get a good mechanic to have the bad transmission speed sensor replaced so that you won’t have any more problems with your car.

Concluding on: Where Is the Automatic Transmission Speed Sensor Located

This means that when you drive a car with a bad transmission speed sensor, it won’t be able to figure out how fast you’re going. This can make shifting gears very difficult, or even impossible. It’s very important to replace the speed sensor as soon as you notice that it’s broken, so that other parts don’t get hurt.

To help you figure out how to test transmission speed sensors, here are my two-way vehicle speed sensor troubleshooting steps. Do not forget to share and save this page for future use if it helps you out!