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The dashboard warning lights in your automobile let you know if there is a problem with the mechanical operation of the vehicle.

In your car, you may occasionally observe the glow plug light blinking as a warning indicator. Most of the time, motorists can see the flashing light of a glow plug light on their dashboards. They may become alarmed if they believe their car has been destroyed or is no longer functional.

Drivers of Volkswagen TDI group cars, particularly those with diesel engines, are frequently alarmed when their vehicle’s glow plug light begins to flash.

However, why does the dashboard glow plug light blink?

Glow plug lights may flash on your dashboard for a variety of causes, but here are a few of the most common. A problem in the ECU is the most common cause of the glow plug light to flash. This can be caused by coolant leaks, filthy oil, or worn glow/spark plugs.

When a glow plug light comes on, the car is usually put into “safe mode” or “limp mode” to prevent further engine malfunctions from causing further damage. Depending on the extent of the problem, your car’s performance may suffer. As a result, the car’s fuel economy will suffer as soon as the grow light begins to flash.

A glow plug light looks like a coil flashlight and can also occur while the engine is cold, making starting difficult. As soon as the car is started, the glow plug light will begin blinking because of the glow plug heating up the combustion chamber (the air in the cylinder).

In order to make it easier to start your automobile, wait until the glow plug light on the dashboard has gone out.

A timer malfunction could also be causing the glow plug light to strobe in this manner if it doesn’t go out after a few minutes. For as long as it is supposed to be in operation, a malfunctioning timer will allow the glow plug to keep igniting and eventually wear out the engine’s ignition system.

What are the solutions to a flashing glow plug light?

VW Diesel Glow Plug Light Flashing

Will you let a problem in your car to continue putting your vehicle’s health in jeopardy?

Not at all. Because of this, if your car’s glow plug light is flashing, get it fixed.

A mechanic can assist you figure out what’s causing your glow plug light to blink and then offer the best solution. Make sure you know what is causing the problem before deciding what to do about it. Glow plug light flashing? Here are the best fixes for the problem.

1. Fix the new timer controller

The engine’s glow plug heating system is controlled by a timer. Once it’s finished heating the engine, it won’t be able to stop the glow plug if it’s malfunctioning. In the absence of a malfunctioning glow plug, the dashboard’s flashing light can no longer be visible thanks to the installation of a new timer.

2. Replace the bad glow plug

The glow plug light flashes if you have a faulty glow plug, and you must replace it and have it repaired.

3. Fix issue with coolant leakage

Coolant leaking in the combustion chamber may cause engine malfunction that is detected by the ECU sensor and activates a glow plug light on the dashboard.. The proper method to stop leakage should therefore be sought out if coolant is dripping from your system.

What are the symptoms of a bad glow plug?

VW Diesel Glow Plug Light Flashing-2

You can tell right away when you’ve got a bad glow plug in your car. It’s a bad glow plug if you notice any of the following symptoms with your vehicle.

  • The car is having difficulties when starting the engine
  • If there are misfires with the engine
  • When you see an engine light on
  • Black smoke coming through the exhaustion pipe

Can you drive with bad glow plugs?

While it is possible to drive with faulty glow plugs, operating your engine will be more difficult due to a decrease in performance.

This will cause the diesel engine to malfunction, resulting in issues such as misfires and trouble starting.

In other words, if you opt to drive with faulty glow plugs, be prepared for decreased fuel efficiency and increased roadside smoke pollution as a result of your decision.

Can glow plugs cause loss of power?

The engine will misfire if the glow plug is defective. As a result, faulty glow plugs won’t be able to help heat up the combustion chamber and burn the diesel.

Due to the engine misfiring, the engine output will be reduced. In this case, acceleration will be reduced and fuel economy would be harmed..

Can a faulty glow plug damage the engine?

The engine will not be damaged by a malfunctioning glow plug, but its performance will be reduced. The engine will misfire if the glow plug becomes damaged, as it lacks the heat necessary to ignite diesel. In the absence of ignition, the engine’s performance is significantly impacted, resulting in a decrease in acceleration.

How much does it cost to replace the glow plugs?

The cost of replacing glow plugs is more than that of replacing spark plugs in a petrol car, although the cost of repair varies according to several circumstances.

If you’re looking for a new car, there are a number of factors that you should keep in mind. If you chose to replace all of the glow plugs available, you may expect to pay between $450 and $650 in total, including the $50 to $100 in glow plug costs and the up to $300 in labor costs.


To ensure a pleasant driving experience, you must investigate the cause of the glow plug light flashing, as you would with any other problem that affects the operation of your vehicle.

This type of warning light is a waste of time because it detects serious issues in the engine management unit, such as malfunctioning. A competent mechanic can help you figure out what’s wrong with your car’s glow plugs and recommend the best course of action.