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Because you never know when a battery will go bad, the warranty is just as important as the actual battery specs.

A battery with a minimum of two years of life is preferable, and Everstart batteries fit the requirement. Is the warranty the same for all Walmart Everstart batteries?

You can choose from a one-year warranty to a three-year warranty depending on the type of battery you purchase from the EverStart line.

The warranty, on the other hand, varies depending on the model you choose for your vehicle.

Walmart, on the other hand, gives a prorated 2-year extension on the original warranty on the Maxx line after the free replacement period has expired.

It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t just go ahead and file a warranty claim. Service center employees check the battery for problems, then recharge it if necessary for free if possible.

It would be replaced if the battery was dead, but if it was still usable, the employee would buy a new one of the same model or a similar one.

Walmart Battery And Their Warranty

Walmart Car Battery Warranty-1

Walmart’s EverStart Batteries are predominantly lead-acid batteries that are only available at Walmart.com. Nowhere else, not even on Walmart or Amazon, should you be able to purchase these items online.

The three types of EverStart batteries are:

The EverStart Value

In addition to EverStart,

Maximize Your Start Time with EverStart Maxx

The parameters of an EverStart battery affect its price. Cold cranking amps, cranking amps, reserve capacity, etc. are the most critical.

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The Walmart vehicle battery guarantee is another important element. If you buy a different version, the warranty will be different.

Because of its low cold-cranking amps, the EverStart Value battery is ideal for those wishing to save money. One year of free replacements are included.

Walmart’s EverStart Plus battery line is a nice one, and it comes with a two-year warranty.

The EverStart Maxx battery is the store’s top-of-the-line product and offers a wide selection of possibilities if you’re willing to pay a little money. As a result, they come with a three-year warranty.

The prorated warranty for the EverStart Maxx version is a frequently questioned question.

Originally, Walmart offered an extended warranty of an additional two years following the three years of free replacement.

As long as you’re inside the warranty period, if your battery dies, you get a discount on a new one.

What Is Special About The Prorated Warranty?

Walmart’s EverStart Maxx line features a prorated warranty option.

Within five years of the initial three-year warranty period, if your battery fails, you are eligible for a prorated replacement.

It’s a straightforward calculation that you can complete on your own. The following is the formula:

The amount you’ll receive from Walmart once the above estimate has been taxed will be higher. When you have this information in hand, you won’t be swayed into purchasing a new battery.

The best part is that the new battery comes with a brand new 5-year warranty.

Recently, the prorated warranty has been a source of contention in the online community. Some claim that Walmart has discontinued it, while others claim that it is still in place.

It’s a good idea to phone your local business ahead of time to confirm the details of your claim.

Walmart Car Battery Warranty Claim

To begin, while the warranty process is the identical in every shop across the country, the speed at which your warranty is replaced is dependent on the personnel. Let me explain.

If the individual you’re working with has the necessary expertise, he or she should be able to help you out. A little tension could be in your future if you don’t.

Customers appreciate how simple it is to file a warranty claim when shopping at Walmart. If you don’t have a receipt, you can still claim your Walmart vehicle battery guarantee, but you’ll need the purchase date.

The process should be a breeze if you’re able to return to the same location where you acquired the car.

To begin, take a copy of your receipt to the customer support representative at the service counter of your local Walmart Auto Care Centre.

In this case, I recommend that you snap a picture of the receipt or make a copy because the color of these receipts fades quickly. Alternatively, it can be taped to the battery’s case.

You can also bring the battery in for a warranty check at Walmart using the serial number.

With this information, the employee should be able to pull up records relating to your purchase, including the date of purchase.

When you tell Walmart that the battery is dead, they don’t believe you. They’d prefer to do it themselves rather than rely on a third party to do it.

The Walmart Auto Service Center will check your batteries to see if they recharge and keep a charge successfully once you bring your car in. You get a free battery recharge if such is the case.

The battery will be replaced if it is actually dead and no longer retains a charge, either with the same or a similar battery.

The warranty is not reset and re-started in this instance. It just keeps going for as long as there’s time left.

You’ll be out of warranty by August 2023 if you purchased an EverStart Maxx battery in August 2020.

That’s when the warranty on any new batteries purchased during that time frame will also expire in August 2023.

When Does The Warranty Work?

When your battery dies inside the guarantee period, it is relevant. When a free replacement warranty for your battery expires, you will receive a brand new battery at no additional cost.

The replacement battery would either be the same model as the one that was replaced, or it would be of a similar value or have similar specs to the one that was replaced.

The battery will almost certainly be serviced and refilled if the guarantee is a maintenance warranty.

Prorated warranties are available for Walmart’s EverStartMaxx batteries, and if your battery fails during this term, you’ll be given a discount when you buy a new one.

Walmart’s car battery warranty isn’t the only one that covers problems that are out of your control.

Although you have a warranty, it doesn’t cover everything. The following is a list of issues that are not covered by your warranty.

The battery is leaking and the leads are corroding.

There is a problem with the battery’s ability to fully charge.

The battery case is expanding.

Your battery isn’t strong enough to start your car.

Self-installation problems such as short circuits might cause serious damage to the device.

Damage to the battery as a result of exposure to the elements of nature.

An accident caused the battery to fail.

Battery damage as a result of carelessness on your part or another party’s part

Even though these are the most common scenarios, they don’t apply in every case. Walmart’s local auto service department has the option of accepting or rejecting your claim for a replacement vehicle.

Most of the time, a Walmart employee would first inspect the battery for charging problems. It is then tested to see if it can maintain its charge for any length of time. If that is the case, there will be no further payment.

Otherwise, and assuming no wrongdoing occurred, Walmart will swap out your dead battery for you free of charge.

But you do not get a separate warranty for the replacement battery. It is covered by the same guarantee as the battery it replaced.

Battery Return

Consider the case of a newly purchased battery that you later decide you don’t need. In this situation, you are allowed to return the battery, but it must be brand new and unused.

EverStart battery can be returned within 90 days of purchase according to Walmart return policy.

Depending on the manner of payment, a refund can take the form of cash, credit, debit, or even store credit.

In some cases, the original receipt is required. If you have the receipt, you’ll have a better chance of getting your money back.

Let Walmart Help You

If you’re looking for a battery for your automobile, there are a few minor differences to keep in mind, depending on the make and model of vehicle. You need to know what kind of battery will work best with your vehicle.

This information can be found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. If you’re looking for the best battery characteristics and groupings, head to the battery section.

If you’ve misplaced the manual, don’t freak out. You can find guides online to assist you in this endeavor. The information you want should be available on the manufacturer’s website as well.

You may also use Walmart’s battery finder to help you locate a replacement. It is possible to use the Walmart battery finder on the internet to assist you locate the correct EverStart battery for your vehicle.

How Important Is A Car Battery Warranty?

A car’s battery is an often-overlooked yet crucial part.

As well as assisting in starting the engine, it also powers the headlights, heated seats, horns and other vehicle equipment.

It is just as vital to make sure that your battery is covered by a guarantee as any other part of your vehicle.

If you buy a new automobile battery, you should expect it to last at least four years and occasionally even less.

Battery replacement is covered if it dies before the free replacement period has expired. This reduces the unexpected costs of maintenance.

Make it a point to thoroughly investigate any car battery you intend to purchase, particularly the Walmart car battery guarantee information.

EverStart Car Batteries – How Do They Fare?

When it comes to automobile batteries, Walmart might not even be on your radar. However, did you know that EverStart Batteries is their own in-house battery brand?

Johnson Controls, a well-known battery manufacturer, supplies their batteries. The same company that manufactures batteries for popular brands like Optima, Duralast, and DieHard.

They primarily produce sealed lead-acid batteries that have no risk of leakage, which is what they are well known for.

Compared to the most popular brands on the market, they are reasonably priced and have enough CCA’s to get you through the cold winter.

It’s not yet clear if these can be high-performance batteries, but they are excellent starter batteries.

EverStart Value Batteries

If you’re looking for a battery for under $50, go no further than EverStart’s Value line.

Compared to other batteries in this price range, their performance is mediocre, but it is still better than any other battery in this class.

A minimum cold cranking amp of 525 CCA should be sufficient for most applications, given that stock batteries often have less than 500 CCA.

It’s possible to go even higher, depending on the battery.

However, if you live in an area where the temperature frequently goes below freezing, you may not want to use this battery.

As long as you keep it charged in a hot climate like California, it will last for years.

For the price, they offer a generous 1-year warranty that covers both parts and labor.

EverStart Plus Batteries

The Plus version of the EverStart batteries is another economical option.

Although they are a little more expensive than the value batteries, they are still significantly less expensive than the ones now available. There is nothing to chuckle at in their specifications, even at this pricing point.

The Plus battery has 600 cold cranking amps and a 90-minute reserve capacity, allowing you to start your engine and get to a safe location if your battery fails.

No matter how hot or how cold it gets, this battery is a great option.

The lead-acid battery is the ideal partner for extended road trips when you need a battery that can withstand the rigors of the road.

With regards to the warranty, they have a two-year free replacement policy in effect.

EverStart Maxx Batteries

Check out the EverSTart Maxx batteries from Walmart if you’re still not convinced that the retail giant makes quality products.

The Maxx line is a favorite of many consumers of the business, with minimum cold cranking amps of 650 CCA and more over 700 CCA for high performance goods.

With this, it’s possible to stay out in the cold longer without fearing that you’ll become stuck.

Additionally, due to the cold, the system has a 90-minute spare capacity. The appeal of the Maxx variety of batteries is due to the fact that they can endure for up to six years.

The battery comes with a three-year free replacement guarantee and a two-year prorated warranty, which has been explained in full above.

How Long Do EverStart Car Batteries Last?

Johnson Controls, a battery manufacturing corporation, is the sole manufacturer of EverStart batteries for Walmart.

Batteries like Optima and DieHard are also manufactured by this company. As a result, they wonder if it will last. If you take proper care of it, it can last for four years.

Can I Claim My Warranty Without A Receipt?

If you don’t have the receipt, you can still claim the warranty. Employees at Walmart may check up a car battery warranty in their system using the bill number, purchase date, or even the battery serial number.

Does Walmart EverStart Car Batteries Offer A Lifetime Warranty?

Since the system can be misused by those who want to replace their car batteries at no additional expense, Walmart does not give a lifetime warranty.


The EverStart batteries are exclusive to Walmart and can only be found there.

It is possible to get one of three types: the EverStart Value, Plus, or Maxx. The guarantee time for each of these batteries varies.

The Value range has a one-year warranty, while the Plus and Maxx ranges have two-year and three-year warranties, respectively.

If your battery dies, you’ll get a discount on a new one, as well as a new warranty, with Maxx’s prorated warranty.

The process of filing a warranty claim for a car battery from Walmart is likewise quite simple. To make a claim, you’ll need either your original receipt or a photocopy of it.

Is your receipt missing? Your purchase date is fine. Technicians inspect the battery and charging system first before replacing it.