How Many Cofferdam Types Are There Updated 05/2024

A cofferdam is a device that is used to prevent the sea from coming inside a boat when it is docked. The cofferdam keeps the water outside and thus out of the boat. Cofferdams are made of wood and sometimes they are made of metal. These days, you will see that there are many different […]


Types Of Marine Pollution You Need To Know Updated 05/2024

Marine pollution is really a big problem. It comes from all kinds of different sources. Some of the main causes of marine pollution are oil spills, chemical wastes, garbage dumps, and sewage. If you are interested in the environment, you should know about marine pollution. The information provided in this article will help you understand […]


Pirate Ship Types With A Guide To Division Updated 05/2024

There are many different kinds of pirate ships and here we are going to talk about some of the most famous ones. A pirate ship is a type of ship that has been historically used by pirates all over the world.  This kind of ship is different from other types of ships in several ways. […]


12 Different Kayaks Types You’ll Love Updated 05/2024

A kayak is a great way to explore the wild side of any body of water. Whether you’re in a large lake or a tiny pond, a kayak lets you go where the big fish are, see sights you never would have seen otherwise, and have an adventure you’ll always remember. This article is here […]


Types Of Animals In The Ocean – Information And Facts Updated 05/2024

There are many kinds of animals that live in the ocean. These animals have different sizes and different shapes. Some of them have long tentacles, some of them have fins, some of them are almost fish-like and some of them are very strange-looking. All of them eat other living creatures and get their food from […]