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When your engine light comes on while you’re driving, does your heart begin to race? You’re not the only one. It’s impossible to drive with the engine light on if there’s a serious issue with it.

There are several possible explanations for this, but the most prevalent ones are related to a malfunctioning traction control system and malfunctions caused by bad road conditions.

One of the most common causes of many warning lights on the dashboard of a vehicle is the presence of multiple issues.

Do some research on the internet or in your car’s owners manual to find out what causes these lights to flash or stay on indefinitely.

  • The system is beginning to deteriorate or it is hardcoded
  • Faulty wheel speed Sensors
  • Potential loss of traction in the rain or icy roads
  • Malfunctioning of the traction control system
  • Loss of control of one or more wheels
  • A badly misfiring engine or a harsh transmission shift

So, as you can see, there are a number of possible causes for these dashboard icons to light up at the same moment.

It’s important to remember that these lights are there for a reason, and you shouldn’t ignore them. If you have any passengers in your vehicle, you should seek the advice of a professional to determine the problem before driving further.

It’s also vital to keep in mind that having both the engine light and the traction control light on the dashboard at the same time can make troubleshooting these problems more challenging.

This is because you’ll need to know why both of the lights were sparked in the first place. How, for example, are these difficulties connected? ‘ In other words, should these issues be categorized and analyzed? To be able to drive again, you’ll need a fix for both lights, regardless of the cause.

How to diagnose the problem of these two error lights?

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Thanks to a multitude of computer programs and sensors in current automobiles, these diagnosis can be made more easier without the necessity of physically tampering with the engine.

Instead, an OBD2 scanner or other diagnostic tools can be used by you or your mechanic to pinpoint the source of the problem. An OBD2 scanner that displays a P0602 code typically indicates that the issue stems from poor engine performance. To further illustrate this point, here are two possible error codes that may appear if you see the traction control light come on.

Error Codes

  • PO856 OBD-II Trouble Code – Traction Control Input Signal – defective on and off switch or defective connectors
  • PO858 OBD-II Trouble Code – Traction Control Input Signal – defective on and off switch or damaged wiring

Because of this, an OBD2 scanner may be used by a mechanic to diagnose problems with the engine light and traction control lights before the problems may be rectified properly.

Does bad traction control cause problems for the engine?

It’s possible that losing traction and the wheels slipping will affect your vehicle’s engine’s power and other operations, such as its acceleration. One reason for this is that as you drive up slick and steep hills, your system lowers power to the wheels.

Does the check engine light is on/flashing always when the traction control light is on?

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Owners of new cars should consult the manual that came with their vehicle before attempting to answer this issue.

These manuals are prepared with traction control features relevant to the vehicle in mind and include the guidelines and instructions necessary to explain how the system works.

Toyota and Honda vehicle owners, for example, may examine the information on when the engine light and the traction control light come on in their vehicles

When these lights are blinking or staying on, the driver’s manual will explain what it indicates.

A modern automobile model will also show the check engine light along with other warning lights to alert the driver that the problem is serious and needs to be checked.

The cost to fix the possible causes with check engine light and traction control light

Depending on the extent of the damage, the cost of repairing these issues can vary substantially. You may also get multiple figures and estimations from the mechanic who will be doing the service and delivering the parts.

For example, according to RepairPal’s site, a traction control replacement can cost between $37 and $47 per hour on average. Taxes, fees, and differences in location are not typically included in these rates, so keep that in mind.

As a result, before approving the work, you must consider these aspects. The greatest deal is to shop around for a mechanic with reasonable rates who also has this particular knowledge on hand.


One of the most often asked questions among today’s motorists is why their check engine light and traction control light are both on. People are constantly interested in learning more about how the traction control light works because it is a part of the newest and most up-to-date sensor technology.

Additionally, drivers need to be aware of the meaning of the engine warning light and traction control warning lights, as they may show at the same time.

In most cases, a driver who investigates the origins of these warning lights will discover a slew of possible explanations.

If you’re currently traveling on slick or excessively wet roads, this is especially important. Anyone behind the wheel should be able to decipher what the various warning lights on their dashboard signify.

Because of the OBD2 scanner, figuring out the significance of these codes isn’t difficult. The OBD2 scanner plays a critical role in identifying the precise error code.

And these unique codes can help you figure out exactly what has to be fixed in order to turn off the warning lights. Depending on the nature of the issue that has to be addressed, the price of these repairs can vary widely.