Updated at: 12-08-2022 - By: Lucas

It can be difficult to keep track of the various trim levels that different car manufacturers allocate to their models. The Ford XLT pickup truck is a prime illustration of this.

The XLT package does not affect the length of the truck’s bed, as you may have anticipated. This does not imply an extended-length vehicle. Long or short bed pickup trucks can be outfitted with an XLT package.

As far back as 1970, the Ford Ranger XLT was the most luxurious vehicle, and the XLT name dates back to that time. XLT stands for Extra Luxurious Truck. When the Ford F 100 was introduced in 1973, it had an XLT trim level that distinguished it from the base XL model.

What Does XLT Mean

A variety of performance, interior, and exterior features will be available for the Ford XLT in the year 2020. A 3.0 Liter Powerstroke V6 Diesel Engine is available as an option for the XLT trim level. The XL package, on the other hand, excludes the possibility of adding a diesel engine.

You get 17-inch aluminum wheels with the XLT. The XL comes with silver-painted steel. For the XL package, there are four additional wheel sets, but six for the XLT. The XL has black vinyl floor mats, while the XLT has carpeted floor mats.

MyKey (a safety feature that lets you select a top speed, maximum radio volume, and mandates seatbelt use) comes standard on the XLT model, but you must pay for it on an XL car. You get a voice activated entertainment system when you buy an XLT. The XL model comes with a regular AM/FM radio.

Both the front and rear bumpers of the XLT are chrome-plated in this regard. XL bumpers are made of steel and painted black. When it comes to the tailgate, the XLT features power assist, while the XL does not. The XLT also comes with motorized side mirrors and front halogen fog lamps. It also features manual lumbar controls for the driver and front-seat passenger.

What Does XLT Mean-3

There are XLT options for every Ford F-series vehicle. Ford Rangers, Explorers, and Expeditions all come with an XLT package as an option.

There are few options for styling on the XLT Ranger aside for the excellent sound system. While the Explorer and Expedition have luxurious features like keyless entry, the Rogue lacks these features. There are 18-inch aluminum wheels and 20-inch aluminum wheels available for the Expedition.

It will cost an additional $6, 000 or so to upgrade to an XLT version of the F150, but you’ll get a lot more truck for your money.

The XLT Sport Appearance Package or XLT Special Edition Appearance Package may tempt you, so know your trim levels beforehand. To entice your budget, these two provide more choices.