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Ford has a reputation for making strong trucks and SUVs that can get the job done. There are many different trims available for the F-150. Each of these trims has a different set of features that you can mix and match to make the perfect package for you.

Let’s look at what the Ford XLT package has to offer.

What Does XLT Entail?

What Does XLT Stand For Ford (2)

“Extra Luxurious Truck” is what “XLT” stands for. This is the next level up from the base XL model. The XLT has some upgrades that aren’t in the XL, but it doesn’t cost as much as the higher trim levels.

The XLT is the next trim level up from the base on the Expedition SUV, Maverick, Ranger, F-150, and Super Duty F-250.

The XLT has Ford Co-Pilot360 2.0 with blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assist with steering assistance, rear cross-traffic alert, and rear park assist with automatic braking. It also has power windows, doors, and mirrors on the outside.

You can also get keyless entry, which lets you open the door when your key fob is close enough. You can add an equipment group that gives you heated outside mirrors, fog lights, a rear-window defroster, and cruise control.

XLT vs Other Trim Packages

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Ford has a variety of trims that vary based on the truck you choose. The only trims for the Maverick and Ranger are the XL, XLT, and Lariat.

There are also King Ranch, Platinum, Limited, and Raptor trims for the Ford F-150 and Super Duty F-250.


The most basic trim is the XL. It is often called the “work truck” among Ford’s trucks. It’s meant to be an entry-level trim with a focus on price, but it doesn’t come with a lot of extras.

There are still some standard features on the XL, like a forward collision warning and the ability to connect to a smartphone.


The Lariat adds more engine and powertrain options to both the F-150 and the F-250.

It also adds a few more high-end comforts, such as a 12-inch touchscreen, leather seats, and seats that you can adjust with a button. You can get more advanced safety features like blind-spot detection and a warning of a possible collision ahead.

King Ranch

The King Ranch has a unique cabin with a leather finish that looks old. It adds real wood accents to the interior and heated back seats.

It also has 20-inch wheels and a package to pull a trailer. The King Ranch now has “Intersection Assist” and a way to charge your phone without a cord.


When it comes to features and a high-end interior, Ford starts to get serious with the Platinum. You can get heated and cooled seats and adaptive cruise control with this trim.

The Platinum adds a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a voice-recognition system, and built-in navigation. It also adds chrome trim to the outside and bumpers that match the car’s colour.


The Limited trim goes all out with a high-end Bang & Olufsen sound system, a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, and a power moonroof with two panels.

It also adds safety features like adaptive steering and headlamps that turn on when the high beams are needed. Adaptive suspension and Pro Trailer Backup Assist make it easier to pull a trailer.


The Raptor is the sport model, and it is made for off-roading. The Raptor lets you choose from Normal, ECO, Sport, Slippery, Tow/Haul, Deep Snow/Sand, Off-Road, Mud/Rut, Baja, and Rock Crawl drive modes.

You can also enjoy features like more ground clearance and a better suspension!

These are just a few of the features and extras that come with each Ford trim. Each trim builds on the one before it, starting with the XL.

Which one is best for you depends on how you feel about the balance between price and amenities. Many people think the XLT is a good deal because it has a few extra features but still costs less.

How Does XLT Stack Up Against Other Manufacturers?

Ford’s direct competitors are GMC and Chevrolet. The GMC Sierra SLE, which is the trim level above the base Sierra, competes with the Ford F-150 XLT.

GMC and Chevrolet are similar in many ways, and some of their parts are even the same. However, each is aimed at a different type of driver.

The trim level of the Chevy LT Touring is also similar to that of the XLT.

When it comes to how the car looks from the outside, Ford does a better job of making it look more modern. With their classic lines and exterior features, GMC and Chevy have a more traditional look. The base engine in the Ford F-150 XLE is good, but it might not be big enough for some jobs.

GMC is known for being strong and able to pull a lot.

When you look at the features and comforts side by side, the GMC Sierra SLE has a few more than the Ford XLT. On a lower trim, for example, you can get a few more features, but you will also have to pay more.

One thing that makes the Ford XLT stand out is that it has more advanced safety features on lower trims, while the GMC makes you pay extra for them.

When you compare the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Touring to the Ford F-150 XLT, you can say the same thing about how the lower trims of the Chevy have more features and amenities, but you don’t get the advanced safety features that come with the Ford.

When you look at the Chevy LT model and the Ford XLT side by side, they are almost exactly the same. There are only a few small differences. For example, the Chevy LT comes with leather seats, while the Ford XLT comes with cloth seats at this trim level.

When it comes to picking the right truck for you, everything depends on what you think is most important. If safety features and being useful are most important to you, the Ford F-150 XLT is a good choice.

If you want a few more creature comforts and don’t mind paying more, you might want to look at some of Ford’s higher trims or competitors.

Overall, the XLT is a good deal because it is priced right and has a few more options.