Updated at: 12-11-2021 - By: Lucas

You’ll have a problem with your car’s engine if it has sugar in its gas tank.

So, what happens if you put sugar in a gas tank and then try to drive? A semi-solid, gooey substance will build up in your gas tank, fuel lines, and other areas of your engine as a result of the sugar’s reaction with the gasoline.

You may hear a strange noise when starting your automobile if the gasoline lines are clogged with sugar pollution, or your car may suffer significant damage.

What Happens If You Put Sugar In A Gas Tank?

Adding sugar to your gas tank will cause your automobile to run slower and more sluggishly, resulting in a headache.

Short Term Effects

Adding sugar to the gas tank might cause problems with your car’s engine, such as difficulty starting it.

It’s possible that you’ll get subpar performance as a result of this.

Long Term Effects

Keeping sugar in your gas tank for an extended period of time causes it to caramelize. If you’ve already caramelized the sugars in your gas tank, they can spread like a virus across your car’s motor.

To avoid getting into this predicament, regularly inspect the engine of your car.

Symptoms Of Sugar In The Gas Tank

What Happens When You Put Sugar In A Gas Tank 2

Even if you’re playing a prank, it’s not a good idea to pour sugar into your gas tank or the gas tank of anyone else, even if it’s just for fun.

If you’re playing a practical joke on someone, pouring sugar in their gas tank could be a pricey mistake.

Nonetheless, if you’re the victim, you should eliminate the sugar as soon as you discover its symptoms.

Having sugar in the gas tank can cause these symptoms:

1. Having Low Fuel

If the fuel filter is clogged, the engine will have difficulty generating enough power to meet your car’s needs if the fuel flow is restricted.

Due to this issue, the engine will be forced to produce more power than it is capable of, which will lead to other issues.
Your car’s engine should remain at its standard capacity in order to retain its performance.

2. Engine Stop And Go

The worst worst-case situation, especially if you have an urgent errand to run. The ability to drive erratically, with frequent stops and starts.

A clogged gasoline transmission or filter can cause the engine to shut down if you don’t address its first symptom.
As a result, you’ll have difficulty driving your vehicle.

3. Less Tank To Fill

Because sugar grains already take up room in your gas tank, you are limited in the amount of fuel you can put in there.

In the past, you had a significantly larger fuel tank capacity. Consequently, a pint of sugar granules won’t make much of a dent in your car’s gasoline capacity.

In any case, depending on the amount of sugar in your gas tank, it’s advisable to eliminate it.

How Much Sugar In A Gas Tank Will Ruin It?

A teaspoon of sugar in every 15 gallons of gas will wreak havoc with your car’s engine, according to this rule of thumb.

If you start your automobile without realizing that someone has put sugar in the tank, the sugar will dissolve and caramelize in the engine, causing a sticky, semi-solid component to form that will attach to the engine’s components and cause damage.

Can Sugar In The Gas Tank Really Kill Your Engine?

Your car’s engine will not be harmed by putting sugar in the gas tank. Initially, it will only alert you to the fact that your car’s engine has to be repaired or replaced.

Expect that the engine’s parts will be ruined if the sugar begins to melt and convert into caramelized semi-solid components.
Your car is rendered worthless as soon as the engine is engulfed in caramelized sugar.

Can You Tell If Someone Put Sugar In Your Gas Tank?

A strange noise in your gas tank will alert you if someone has inserted sugar or played a practical joke on you.
Like any sediment, sugar can clog the fuel injectors, resulting in noises that will alert you to the fact that anything is amiss in your gas tank.

Is Putting Sugar In A Gas Tank A Felony?

It is, in fact, illegal to put sugar in a fuel tank. A felony is committed when you endanger the life of the victim of your prank.

In your eyes, it’s simply a prank, but when it comes to engines, that prank might be deadly. When sugar is mixed with the components of a car engine, it can cause serious damage.
Never play a joke or put someone’s car engine on sugar if you don’t want to endanger their lives or lose your freedom.

How To Get Sugar Out Of A Gas Tank?

Remove the sugar from your gas tank by following the following two simple steps:
Replace your gasoline filter first. It’s the gasoline filter’s function to catch the sugar once it gets inside your engine, therefore it’ll go there first.

Replace the fuel pump next. Your gasoline pump will be the final resting place for sugar if it has previously passed through your fuel filter.
It’s possible that you’ll have to replace your fuel pump along with your fuel filter. A fuel pump replacement is a difficult task best left to a qualified mechanic.


Overall, putting sugar in one’s car fuel is dangerous. It could permanently harm your vehicle or cause it to break down.

Call a mechanic immediately if you detect sugar in your gas tank. Never use it since it could cause even more engine obstruction if you do.

Never attempt to repair or replace engine parts if your lack of expertise in this area prevents you from doing so.