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Subaru is one of the most well-known car companies in the world, but have you ever wondered where the Subaru Outback is made?

Subaru Outbacks are made in Ota, Japan, and Lafayette, Indiana, in the United States. The Japanese plant makes Outbacks for the European market, while all Outbacks for North America are made and put together in the Indiana plant.

Let’s take a closer look at these plants to find out how much they can make and how to find out where your Subaru was made.

Subaru Outback Manufacturing Locations

Where Are Subarus Outbacks Made

The Subaru Outback is made in two different factories. The Yajima Plant is one of them. That one is in Japan, in Ota. These Subarus can be bought in both Japan and Europe.

So, if you have something from outside of Japan, it was probably made at the Yajima Plant.

Lafayette, Indiana has the other big plant. That’s where cars are made for Subaru in Indiana.

There, people make a lot more than just the Outback. The only factory that Subaru has outside of Japan is the Subaru of Indiana Automotive Plant.

So, the SIA is in charge of about a third of their total production. Almost one-third of all Subaru cars are made at that plant. Every year, they make about 400,000 cars. And more than 6,000 people work at the plant as a whole.

The design is made at a place in Camden, New Jersey.

By making things here in the United States, they can keep the prices low. In fact, many Europeans have to pay a lot more than we do for an Outback.

Is the Subaru Outback Made in America?

If you bought a Subaru Outback, you might be wondering where it was made.

The Subaru of Indiana Automotive Plant is where most American Outbacks are made. All of Subaru’s cars sold in the United States are made in this factory.

They also put things together. So, the parts are made here in the United States, and they are also put together here.

The Yajima Plant in Japan is where Subarus for Europe are made. They take care of all the cars that are sold in countries other than the United States.

In one part of the factory, the parts for Subaru cars are made. Then, they go to a line where they are put together. There is where they are put together in their final shape.

At the Subaru Indiana Automotive Plant, a similar process takes place. The first part of the forge is where parts for the vehicle are made. Then, they are sent to the next part of the factory. Once they get there, they are put together into their final shape.

There, they make more than just Subaru Outbacks. In fact, they take care of all of the Subaru cars made for the North American market.

How to Check Where Your Subaru Outback Was Made

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The easiest way to be sure where your Subaru Outback was made is to look at its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). There is a lot of information about your car in these codes. You can find out where it was made, and you can also find out when it was made.

Look at your own. See what they are by looking at the first few letters. The first letter on the VIN of anything made in Japan should be a J.

But if your car was made in the United States, you will see the number 1. Most cars made in the United States should have VINs that start with 1. Same thing goes for cars made by Subaru.

You can also put your vehicle’s VIN into an online tool to find out a lot more about it. Just type the whole string of characters into the tool. Then, click the search button. It should give you a lot of information about your car in a short amount of time.

What Other Subaru Models Are Made in the USA?

At the Subaru plant in Indiana, they make more than just the Outback. It makes all of the cars that Subaru sells in North America.

The Impreza will be at the building. Even the Legacy can be seen being made there. And finally, the plant is also where Subaru makes their Ascent.

The first part of the factory is where all of these cars are made. Then, they are sent to the next part of the line. Once they’ve made it to the end, they’ll be happy. They will be put together by a bunch of machines that work on their own.

After being put together, they go to the testing floor. Subaru makes sure that all of them are up to par. After all of that, they’ll be sent to different car lots.

Which Subarus Are Made In Japan?

At the Yajima plant, several different types of Subaru are made. The Subaru Outback was put together there, of course. But there are also a lot of other things made there.

In the Yajima plant, the Impreza is made. These are sent to markets in Japan and Europe. They also make the Levorg, the WRX, and the Forester. The BRZ is also made here, along with other cars.

All of these are made in a way that is similar. In the foundry, all of the parts are made. Metals get their final shapes by being shaped by high temperatures.

When everything is in its final form, it will be sent down the line. When everything gets to the next part of the factory, assembly starts. Some of the most advanced robots are used at the Japanese plant to make the whole process run automatically. The parts are put together as they move down the line.

After putting everything together, it’s time to test the end results. The vehicles will be put through a series of tough tests to make sure they’re safe.

When the vehicles are ready, they are put on ships. These are sold in different places around the world. Some will make it all the way to Australia. Some people will head to Europe. Some of them are finally kept in Japan.

Manufacturing the Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is one of the most well-known station waggons in the world. The United States makes a lot of them. In Indiana, there is a place where these are put together. The Subaru Indiana Automotive Plant is the name of the place.

Most of the cars sold outside of Japan are made at their Yajima plant. The place is Japan.

But both of these plants do a lot more than just make Outbacks. They are where all of Subaru’s cars are made.