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Most individuals take great pride in their automobiles! Since many people can’t live without their cars, we obsess about making sure they’re running smoothly, keeping up with all the maintenance, and checking out every little noise from the engine. We’re also freaked out when a dashboard light comes on.

To make our lives easier, many automobiles have upgraded their technology, and today’s automobiles operate more like computers than ever before. The TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring System has one of these additional and beneficial features.

So, we’ll take a look at a Nissan Sentra to see exactly where the TPMS reset button is and how to use it in this post.

What Is TPMS

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Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is a common feature in many newer vehicles. The pressure in each tire is measured by a sensor installed on the wheel in this arrangement. The sensor communicates the information to your car’s computer system and activates the dashboard warning light when it detects a reduction in tire pressure of roughly 25% below the manufacturer’s recommended level.

Tire Pressure

Keeping your car’s tires inflated to the proper pressure is essential for its safety. To put it another way, tires are the only portion of your vehicle that comes into direct contact with the road when you’re driving. When you drive with properly inflated tires, you save money since your tires won’t wear out as quickly from being under or over inflated.

Nobody wants to have to buy new tires on a monthly basis, right?

The manufacturer’s handbook or the plaque on the door panel will tell you the correct PSI for your Nissan.

Management Light

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Tire pressure monitoring is standard equipment on the Nissan Sentra. If you have an automobile, look for this indicator light on the dashboard. with an exclamation mark inside a horseshoe-shaped shape. Owners will be alerted if their tire pressure is out of balance or too low thanks to this convenient function. If you’re concerned that your tire pressure is too low or too high, this method eliminates a lot of the guesswork.

In the event of an issue with any of the vehicle’s four tires, the car’s internal computer will notify the driver.

The light will only come on if the pressure in your Nissan Sentra’s tires is either low or too high. Before adjusting the pressure in your tires, you should inspect them for signs of wear and tear.

After adjusting the tire pressure or replacing the tire, the TPMS light may still remain on. This is not always the case.

Is this all a bit perplexing to you?

When you adjust the tire pressure, the light may not automatically go out. This is most likely one of their drawbacks.

Where Is The TPMS Reset Button On Nissan Sentra?

Where Is The TPMS Reset Button On Nissan Sentra

It is possible to find the TPMS reset button either under or under the steering wheel depending on the model year. Please follow the procedures below to perform a reset.

How To Reset the TPMS on a Nissan Sentra 2007-2019?

In order to reset the Tire Pressure Monitoring Light on a Nissan Sentra manufactured between 2007 and 2019, follow these simple steps:

Well done if this works for you. Unless otherwise stated, you should only follow these instructions at your own risk or with the assistance of an automotive professional, both of which may be costly.


Why Is My Tire Pressure Light Still on After Filling Tires Nissan Sentra?

If your TPMS light is on, it signals that one or more of your tires have low pressure. The pressure could be low in more than one tire, thus it is necessary to check them all. It’s possible that this is the cause of your TPMS light staying on.

How Do You Put Air in a Nissan Sentra Tire?

From 2013 onward, all new Nissan Sentras feature an easy-fill tire alert system. As soon as your tires achieve the proper cold fill pressure, you’ll receive an audio and visual indication. To put it another way, here’s how it works:

What Are the Standard Features of a Nissan Sentra?

Known for its steadiness and control, the Nissan Sentra is a popular choice. There are anti-lock brakes and traction control built into the vehicle as standard. With a CVT that can reach 29mpg, it promises to be a fuel-efficient vehicle.

How to Reset Nissan Sentra Service Reminder Light?

The car’s computer can be accessed through the steering wheel for versions built between 2013 and 2020. Turn the key in the ignition, but don’t let the engine start. In order to re-establish oil, filter, and tire pressure monitoring, you’ll need to use the page button to go there first.


Tires are notorious to leak air because of their permeable construction. This means that they will need to be refilled from time to time to improve driving performance. You must make sure that the light is always on before performing any of the above instructions, as temperature and other external factors might impact the air pressure in your tires.

If you’re still having problems with your Nissan Sentra 2007-2019, I hope this information was helpful. Nothing is more annoying than having a light on your dashboard that never goes out.