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For some, hiding a key in or on a vehicle can be advantageous. People often keep their home keys in or on the car while they go for runs, jogs or to the beach.

Although there are various ways to keep your key on you, they typically necessitate additional accessories that, in most cases, are irritating, and the recommended technique is to hide the key somewhere in the car or outside it.

With an old spare tire, it’s less likely to be found than areas like the floor mats or the glove box, so it’s a good place to hide your car’s key. Another option is to keep your car key in a secret compartment in the trunk so that thieves or vandals won’t see it when they break in.

Why is hiding a key in your car a good idea?

It’s far more comfortable for drivers to do this, especially when they’re participating in sports.

Why you shouldn’t hide a key on/in your car?

Keeping a key in or out of the automobile is problematic since the driver may forget he or she has it there and end up relocating it to a different location.

Your concealing place may have been less than ideal, and criminals may have located the key when breaking into your vehicle.

Put the key in an area where it can’t be removed, and you’ll have to do operations that could lead to higher repair costs in the future.

When hiding your car key, there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t. To begin, the general consensus is that keeping a spare key in a different location is a better idea because it makes it more difficult for someone to steal your car or keys.

If you have a visible keyring attached to your steering wheel, many people assume that you will attract unwelcome attention, either due to the manner you drive or because of the visible keyring.

Another reason to save your key safely is in case something happens to your car and the authorities need proof of what happened (such as the last person to visit), they may need it to access your vehicle (for example in an empty water bottle).

Where should you hide a key in or out of your car?

You should consider the possibility of theft or other malevolent intent on the part of a stranger or someone you know when making the best possible choice.

The optimal spot to hide the key depends on a number of criteria that should be considered before making a final decision. It’s important to think about the likelihood that someone will look for the key in that area, as well as whether or not individuals are likely to have access and/or know where this location is on your car (whether it be visible while driving or not).

How do you choose the best place to hide a key on or in your car?

Where To Hide Car Keys

With all criteria taken into account, there is usually one location that provides the greatest level of security while also being the most convenient for subsequent retrieval. The back glove compartment, the trunk, and the doors would all fall under this category. In order to choose the ideal location, consider the following indicators:

Your car’s center console or cover should be on the front seats so that the location where you keep your keys is not visible when entering and exiting the vehicle.

As long as you have a spare tire in your trunk, make a special spot for your keys and store them there. This is especially critical if you have young children or friends around who might accidentally unlock the vehicle while playing with the key.

Since no one will ever look in your glove box unless they’re explicitly looking for something, consider hiding your keys behind the padding.

For further security, you may choose to hide a key under your car in an area that is difficult for criminals to access. This will ensure that the thief doesn’t keep looking for the key because there are more chances of him being discovered.

The ignition is the final possible hiding spot for your car key. Many people would be reluctant to store their keys at this location since they would be unable to get them in an emergency. You won’t ever forget where you put them, so it’s a great spot to store them.

Some thieves may avoid searching for it by hiding the key in the back of the bumper, but this may also be a benefit to other thieves, as searching for a key on the bumper can be linked to possible inspections of a vehicle’s underside.

What are the worst places to hide a key on/in a car?

It’s best not to hide a car key in places where people frequently check. These locations are included in this list.

The Digital Keyhole.

Even if your automobile has an electronic lock, this does not imply you should leave your key in it. Unlocking your vehicle would make it much easier for someone to steal stuff from it. When a thief steals stuff from your vehicle, authorities will be able to find them more easily since certain automobiles have cameras that record who opened the door and when.

The Keys.

Locking the doors with the small levers you’re used to using?

Don’t let anyone else use your keys to open your car’s door handles if you own one of these vehicles. In addition to the fact that they look odd from the outside, they may be easier for an attacker to turn than the lock.

Putting your keys in a food container and carrying the container about for a few minutes before returning it is one method. That Old Chest. There are a few of us who have a phobia of leaving anything in the trunk of our car for fear that someone would steal it (and that puts my things at risk!).

The glove compartment Thieves will also look here first when they open your car’s door, even if the glove box is locked. This is a horrible place to put your key.

Back of the registration plate. Even though it’s extensively utilized, this strategy has a major drawback: It’s easily observable to visitors you don’t want there. This holds true even if the exhaust system is hidden at the rear of the vehicle.


One of the finest places to hide a key is in a place where no one will look, such the spare tire or an air filter. Another option is to hide it under the car in an old floor mat, where no one will notice it and where it will be difficult to access with bare hands, such as the trunk.