Updated at: 14-07-2022 - By: Lucas

If you look around on the roads today, you’re likely to see more SUVs than sedans, pickup trucks, or other types of cars.

SUVs have become a lot more popular in recent years, and more and more people are choosing them over other cars.

SUVs are popular because they have more room for cargo and passengers, can be used in many ways, are safer and get better gas mileage.

Why do so many people buy SUVs? Here are a few of the most important ones!

Why are SUVs so Popular?

Toyota 4Runner

When SUVs first hit the roads, many of them were very big, drank gas like it was water, and often looked like big boxes.

But things have changed a lot in the last few decades.

One reason SUVs are so popular is that not all of them are very big. You can now find an SUV that fits almost any way of life.

It’s easier than ever to get an SUV that fits your needs, whether you want to carry a lot of cargo or a lot of people, or just a few things, an extra person or two, or even a few of your furry friends.

1. Cargo Space and Versatility

If you’re like us, you’ve probably spent a lot of time trying to fit your family, pets, and different kinds of cargo into a sedan or even a hatchback.

It goes without saying that it sometimes looked and felt like a can of sardines.

As SUVs have changed over time, automakers have made different models with almost unlimited cargo space and ways to use them.

An SUV is great if you are a commuter who wants space to spread out on the way to and from work, a soccer mom who is always driving kids around, or someone who likes to take their family on long road trips or vacations often.

2. Safety on the Road

Even in the smaller SUVs, you are still pretty high off the ground, which gives you more safety when you are driving.

When you drive, being a little bit higher up gives you a much better view of the road in front of you, which can help you avoid accidents.

3. Easy to Enter and Exit

Since SUVs are higher off the ground than sedans or hatchbacks, getting in and out of them is much easier, especially if you are older or have physical problems like back or knee pain.

Even though this may not be as helpful for younger kids, I can say for sure that it makes things easier for adults!

4. No Longer Gas Guzzlers

When SUVs first came out on the market years ago, one of the biggest complaints was that they used a lot of gas.

Not only were they expensive to fill up, but they were also blamed for adding to air pollution problems that were already there.

But everything has changed because of changes in car technology.

Many of the most popular SUVs on the road today are hybrids, which means that they use both gas and electricity to get down the highway.

There are also a lot of popular SUVs that are now fully electric. This means you can drive them hundreds of miles on a single charge, and they still have a lot of power and look good.

5. Numerous Drivetrain Options

As SUVs have changed over time, so have the different ways they can be driven. Front-wheel drive is an option for SUVs, just like it is for sedans and other cars. This makes SUVs not only cheaper, but also better on gas.

It’s easy to find an SUV with all-wheel drive if you like to take your SUV on long trips to different places where the roads might be wet.

Lastly, if you’re like us and like to take your SUV off-roading every now and then, you can choose to get an SUV with rear-wheel drive or even four-wheel drive, which will let you go almost anywhere without any trouble.

6. Great for Growing Families

Buying an SUV is a good idea if you are about to start a family or if you think your family will grow.

Instead of buying bigger and bigger cars every few years, you can buy an SUV and know that there will be more than enough room for your family as it grows.

7. More Affordable

When SUVs first came out, their prices were often much higher than those of regular sedans and pickup trucks. But like the prices of most consumer goods, they went down over time.

Today, it’s not unusual at all to find SUVs for prices that are about the same as a regular sedan. Most of the time, SUVs are priced a bit less than sedans or bigger pickup trucks.

8. Status Symbol

Let’s face it: almost everyone likes to drive around in a car that is seen as a sign of success and high status.

This is exactly the case when you are driving an SUV.

Americans love their cars, so driving an SUV that looks great and has every modern convenience will always make you happy.

9. Fitting in with the Crowd

SUVs seem to be getting more and more popular every year, and many people buy them because their friends and family already have them.

When you look at the best-selling cars in America, most of the top 10 are SUVs. This may or may not be a surprise to you.

No matter what kind of SUV you drive, you can blend in with the crowd.

In fact, most auto experts agree with us when we say that SUVs give you more for your money.

Whether it’s a Chevy Tahoe, a Toyota RAV4, a Honda CRV, or a Kia Telluride, SUVs are hard to beat because they can do so many things and are so cheap.

Whether you buy an SUV to feel safer on the road, to have more room for you and your kids, or because you love to go off-roading on the weekends, it’s clear that SUVs will continue to be popular.