Updated at: 26-05-2022 - By: Lucas

If you’ve ever looked at trucks in a showroom and wondered why they cost so much, this article is for you.

A truck can cost up to $100,000 these days. This trend has grown because truck makers have added new features.

So, why do trucks cost so much? This article is about some of the extras that a truck might have. Before you spend money on it, you can decide which of these features is most important to you.

Why Are Trucks So Expensive? a Full Breakdown:

Fuel efficiency

People are clamouring for cars that use less gas. Also, governments are making rules about emissions that are very strict. So, manufacturers are now making cars that use less gas.

Manufacturers have also come up with more options to make this possible. For example, turbo-diesel and hybrid trucks use less gas than other types. Also, more attention is being paid to making trucks with turbochargers.

If you want a truck that gets better gas mileage, you should expect to pay more. It’s up to the customer to decide if they need a car with these features. In the long run, it is a good way to spend your money.

Safety additions

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Companies that make trucks are working to make them safer. They do this by putting in more technology that helps the driver. Some of these new features are hard to add to cars. That means they will have an effect on how much trucks cost in the end.

Some of these technologies help with parking, stopping, and staying in your lane. A forward collision warning and adaptive cruise control are two others. Even though each company that makes these inventions will give them different names, there are no major differences between them.

You might not be able to find a cheap truck. The US government told truck makers that they had to build cameras into their trucks. From May 2018, these features were supposed to be on all trucks that were made.

With these changes, manufacturers won’t be able to sell new models for the same prices as before. So, you’ll have to pay more money for them. The price of a car goes up the more safety features it has.

Also, it’s important to remember that these new technologies will help us more than hurt us. For example, brake assist can be a very useful piece of tech. This technology is helpful, especially if you need to stop quickly to avoid hitting someone or something in the road.

But there are a few things that are important but not necessary. Some of these are sensors for parking. If you don’t need all of these features, you can save money by buying a truck with just the ones you need.

Entertainment technology

Tech improvements are also being made to trucks. Touchscreens are now standard on almost all of them. If you like technology, this will be a great thing for you. But you should also expect that these features will cost something.

Most older trucks don’t have good ways to have fun. So, they cost less than the trucks on the market now that have these new features.

Ram, which has made a new truck called the Ram 1500, is a good example. The inside of this new model is great, and it has a 12-inch touch screen. Because of this, it costs more than the ones that came before it.

The sound system is another thing that will affect the price of new trucks. Old truck models don’t have good sound systems. Still, almost every company that makes trucks is trying to make better packages.

These might have a good sound system and nice interiors. Prices will go up because of these changes.

Also, some older models of trucks may come with four or five speakers. Newer models have between 10 and 20 speakers, which makes the sound better.

Without a doubt, you’ll have to pay more for these trucks because they have more features, which make them better but also raise the price.

Aluminum body panels

Steel is a better material than aluminium, but aluminium is much lighter than steel. Ford decided not too long ago to use aluminium to make the body of one of its trucks. Aluminum is a more advanced material than steel, so that had to change how much the truck cost in the end.

Besides, it is much lighter. So, even when you have a lot of stuff in your car, it feels much lighter.

Aside from being lighter, aluminium does not rust. You don’t expect aluminium to rust like steel does. When steel comes into contact with things like water, it loses its shape.

A commercial for a Ford and a Chevy truck bed is a good example. The bed of the Ford truck did not last as long as the bed of the Chevy steel truck. That means that steel also has its good points, and even though steel cars are heavy, they may be more expensive.

Aluminum is still used even though every car maker wants to make a strong vehicle. But most truck makers, like Chevy and Ram, now use aluminium to make sure the trucks are still durable.

They do use it to make small parts like doors, hoods, and tailgates for trucks. But in the long run, it still adds up to the cost of the car.

Aluminum repairs

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When aluminium is used to make trucks, the price goes up. Also, it’s expensive to fix aluminium panels. It should tell you how bad it can be to buy a truck with parts made of aluminium.

If you want to fix an aluminium body, it will cost more than if you try to fix a steel body. Steel is cheaper than aluminium even on the market.

Steel rusts and breaks down quickly. Within a few days, your truck may start to rust and look worse than when you bought it.

No one wants their new car to look old and rusty in just a few days. Because of this, you might need to buy a car with aluminium parts. You can trust that it will still look better after being exposed to things that rust.

When aluminium is fixed, it doesn’t go back to its original shape. Because of this, it may take a lot of time and work to get it back to the way it was when it left the factory. This is especially true after a crash.

The cost of repairs goes up or down depending on how much work and time you have to put into them. To fix aluminium, you might have to pay an arm and a leg. Because of this, trucks made out of aluminium cost a lot to keep up.

Towing capabilities

Most large and medium-sized trucks come with parts for towing. With these parts, you can move heavy things. Parts for towing trucks need to be reliable. Make sure they can handle pulling heavy loads and towing cars, which put a lot of pressure on them.

Manufacturers have to raise prices because of the quality of the materials used to make towing parts. It’s not like when people only use cars to get from one place to another

The body chassis is also a part of the towing parts. For a truck to be able to pull heavy loads, its frame must be strong. If it is weak, it might be hard to pull heavy loads at all.

Most parts of a truck that can pull a heavy load should also be strong. For these functions, the brake pads and suspension parts need to be thicker.

Also, if they get broken from pulling heavy loads, they are very expensive to replace. On the other hand, it costs more to buy each part separately. That will change how much the track will cost in the end, and you may have to pay more than you thought.

Large wheels

Most trucks on the market right now have big wheels. Other trucks have wheels that are painted or polished. So, they will end up being more expensive than older truck models with smaller wheels.

It’s not hard to figure out why big wheels cost a lot. It takes more time and materials to make them, so the person who buys them has to pay more.

These days, trucks have a nice finish that older models didn’t have. The new wheels with a finish are going to cost a lot more than the old ones. Older wheels have generic black or silver steel wheels. The price of the trucks goes up because of these.

Also, companies that make trucks are now looking into making wheels out of different metals. For example, most of them use aluminium to make wheel rims that look good.

Aluminum costs a lot more than most other metals and alloys. So, the wheels will cost more than you might think.

The traditional colour for wheels has always been black. This is becoming less true every day, and now wheels are painted chrome. It can take a lot less time to paint wheels black than it would to make them look like chrome.

Also, painting wheels chrome will cost more than painting them black.


Since the quality of trucks is always changing, their prices may also change. Today, manufacturers are making these and many other improvements. Also, they are putting them to use in the way they make things.

Getting the parts needed to make these trucks better can cost a lot of money. Also, it can take a long time. So, you will have to pay more for a truck with safety features, good gas mileage, and other luxuries.