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In order to avoid accidents, truck drivers insert spikes in their truck wheels so other cars can see and adjust their distance from the truck. What’s the purpose of truck spikes? Truck spikes serve as both a warning and a protective measure. As a first line of defense against lug-nut corrosion, spikes are used to protect the nut. Truck spikes, which can be seen from a distance, serve as a second layer of safety for vehicles who approach a truck with a big load. The use of wheel spikes is legal. There are usually more than four or five inches long spikes mounted to trucks’ wheels. The flimsy material used to construct truck spikes means that they are easily torn or broken off in the event of an accident.

Installing spikes on your car only for the purpose of making it seem great while also posing a threat to onlookers isn’t against the law. When considering adding spikes in your vehicle, you may want to reconsider your decision. The purpose of this article is to explain why some truckers choose to use track spikes. You may find out more about truck spikes in the following sections.

Why Do Trucks Have Spikes On Wheels?

Wheel spikes are primarily used to keep your lug nut clean and free of corrosion, rust, and dirt. In addition, it serves as a safety precaution by keeping other motorists away from the truck. The following are the reasons why this is the case:
It serves as a protection for your lug nuts, which keep your wheels firmly in place on your truck. It serves as a deterrence to other drivers who might try to come too near to the truck. The truck driver’s main source of income is also a decorative feature that adds character and style.

These truck wheel spikes may look like a novelty item at first glance. These spikes, on the other hand, may save not just the truck driver’s life but yours as well. Spikes also communicate safety and warning to other drivers, making them more cautious as they approach a large truck on the road. Some drivers are stubborn and disregard the warning signals when they are on the road. Making an effort to make your vehicle stand out for the warning will help you slow down.

Why Do Trucks Have Spikes On Rims?

In other words, it’s for your own safety and the safety of others. Truck drivers use spiked rims to signal to other drivers that getting too close to their hefty vehicle, which is particularly vulnerable to collisions, is a dangerous proposition. Despite the fact that it appears to be harmful, you should interpret it as a call to action to help save the truck driver’s life and your own.

Spikes on the rims of the truck protect the wheels against damage and corrosion caused by water, snow, dust, or other debris. Tossing dirt, ice, and other such objects is a cinch with these spikes.

If you’re doing it for the greater interest of all, then yes, it’s legal. Because of this, it would be helpful if you had some guidelines for how long the spiked wheels should be, especially if you’re passing through a narrow aisle or one-lane-only. If you’re thinking of installing one, you should also consider the purpose and safety of the event or setting in which it will be used.

Are Spikes On Truck Wheels Dangerous?

If an automobile gets too close to a truck’s wheels, the spikes on its tires could scratch it, but they aren’t deadly. These spikes are usually constructed of aluminum alloy, although it is not so strong that it might injure a human. If it is built of solid materials and designed to damage and kill people, wheel spikes can be lethal. So, be on the lookout for drivers who like to spice up their rides by putting spikes on them just for kicks. Call the police and provide the vehicle’s serial number.


When it comes to truck spikes, they’re employed for both protection and warning purposes. Spikes are commonly found on large commercial trucks, such as delivery vans and other vehicles that haul heavy loads.

Additionally, it distinguishes a truck from others on the road, causing you to take extra precautions when driving beside one. Additionally, truck spikes are quite useful while driving through deep mud or snow. Safety devices like spikes are a wonderful way to keep the road and the people on it safe while also keeping your own safety as a priority.