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The worst thing that could happen to a car is to have its engine broken. It’s very easy to damage the engine of a car. If the Oil light comes on and off even though the oil level is full, there are other reasons. Why does the Oil light come on and off even though there is a lot of oil? That’s what we’ll talk about here.

The motor oil is in charge of lubricating every part of an engine. There is no friction between the parts when they work together and move freely because of it.

In this case, the parts won’t be able to move freely. Overheating will happen because there will be friction. This will cause the engine to break down.

The last thing you want to do is damage your car’s engine over something that you could have done to avoid.

There are a lot of things that will happen before your engine dies because of low oil pressure.

Soon after your car starts having trouble with low oil, the oil pressure light will come on in your car’s dash.

When the oil pressure is low, the light will go off. It is best to stop driving and turn off your engine as soon as you see this light.

The reason for this is that if your car has a big problem, you can’t drive it in that condition. This will cause engine damage. However, there are times when the light comes on while the oil is still running.

This is what this post is going to cover in depth.

Why will oil light comes on and off but oil is full?


A lot of things can cause the oil light to go off. Low oil pressure lights can come on even if there is a full tank of oil in them. Some of them:

1. Contaminated Oil

The oil light will come on even if the oil is full. This is because the oil has become dirty. There are many things that could make motor oil dirty.

A buildup of dust, debris, or even just dirt could stop the oil from moving freely. There are things that the oil can pick up as it moves through the engine.

This will make the oil light come on. It will show up on the dashboard. Always check your oil with the dipstick.

If it’s clean, the oil should be clear and have a color that’s a little bit brown. Oil that is very dark, thick, and smells bad needs to be changed.

2. Faulty oil pump

All of the parts of the engine use the oil pump to get it. A faulty pump can make your engine overheat and make it sound loud. When the oil level is full, it will also start to blink. This is because if the oil can’t move through the engine parts, there will be friction, which will damage the engine. A faulty oil pump will need to be replaced right away.

3. Damaged oil pressure sensor

The sensor is a plug that looks at the pressure of the oil and sends a message when it drops below a certain level. However, it can also break down like every other part of the car.

It will also turn on the oil light even if there is enough oil in the car.

To find out if the sensor is broken or not, it needs to be taken out of the car with a sensor socket and checked. There is only one person who can do that.

4. Leaking oil

Oil lights come on when your oil is full. This could be because there’s been a leak somewhere in the car. People who know a lot about cars don’t need to check to see if the oil is leaking from them.

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It’s best to park your car on the ground for a few hours to make sure there aren’t any oil puddles.

This is another way to make sure that you have filled your oil to its full mark and that the oil light isn’t on. You can also make sure that the light is off. if there is a leak, the light will come back on.

Your car will smell like burnt things if there is an open leak. Another sign is that smoke comes out of the engine. Once you know that the oil is leaking, take the car in for repairs.

The low oil pressure light doesn’t mean that your oil level is low when it comes on. If the pump or sensor is broken, it could be that the oil is dirty, leaking, or that it needs to be changed.

What does the oil light look like?

The oil light is on the dashboard of every car. It looks like a lamp with oil coming out of it.

Depending on what kind of car you’re in and what kind of oil pressure there is, the light can be orange or red.

When you see this light, you need to pay attention to it. If it’s just low oil, you can add oil yourself. Because of this, though, you should take the car in for a full checkup if it’s an important reason.

Can you drive a car with low oil pressure?

If your car has low oil pressure, you can still drive it even if you don’t have enough oil. If you do this, you might have a bigger problem and your engine might not work right.

It’s dangerous to drive your car when you have low oil pressure because it will make the parts of the engine work together, which will make the engine get too hot. The damage to the engine will cost a lot to fix.

Having low oil pressure does not cost a lot to fix, but if you don’t fix it, then you might have to pay for it later on.

It’s very common for the part that causes your car’s dashboard to show a low oil pressure light to go out early on. You can quickly replace this part if it goes bad or breaks. An oil leak or dirty oil doesn’t matter. You can fix this in a short time.

The next thing to do if you see low oil pressure is stop driving right away and have the car towed to an auto repair shop.


It can happen even if the oil light is full. A problem with one or more parts of the engine could be on the way. What you need is a diagnosis from a mechanic, and then a quick answer.