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Is there a 55-inch TV at the store that you’d like to buy, but aren’t sure if you’ll be able to fit it in your car? The TV can be transported in your car instead of a moving truck if you’re moving house.

Find out whether you can fit a 55-inch flat-screen television into a Toyota Camry and how to move it securely by reading on.

Will a 55 inch TV fit in my car?

Will A 55 Inch Tv Fit In My Car (1)

A 55-inch TV will fit in a car, but the size of the automobile is obviously an issue!

This is the safest method of transporting a flat-screen television. A 55-inch TV will fit in the backseat of a Hyundai Genesis and similar-sized vehicles. To show how a 55-inch TV may be accommodated in a vehicle, take a look at the video embedded below.

Can a 55 inch TV fit in a Toyota Camry?

You may be able to fit a 55-inch TV in a Toyota Camry, but the position and recline of your seats will play a role. In internet forums, Toyota Camry owners have discussed how to put a 55-inch TV in their vehicles.

You can fit a 55-inch TV in a Camry, but it’s going to be a squeeze if you’re putting it in the footwells. Taking a flat screen TV out of its packing is a horrible idea, even if the backseats can be slid down to accommodate it.

What size TV will fit in a Toyota Camry?

A 55-inch television is the most you’ll be able to put in your Toyota Camry. However, if you fold down the seats and move them about, you may be able to fit in a larger television.

Keeping your TV upright is the safest way to carry it, and a Toyota Camry won’t be able to handle a 55-inch screen.

How Can I Carry My 55 inch TV in My Car?

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Put the foam pieces around the TV first, and then wrap the entire TV in stretch wrap to hold the foam in place when you’re transferring it in a car. As soon as the TV is in its box, gently place it in the trunk of your car, if you can.

If you need to transport your TV laying down, you don’t have to worry about causing any internal damage. You should always keep your TV in an upright position in your car to protect the screen from any potential harm.

How Do You Transport a TV in a Car Without a Box?

Because there is no TV box, you’ll have to be quite careful when moving it in your car. When relocating, treat your television as a priceless possession by wrapping it in bubble wrap and moving blankets.

It’s best not to put anything on the TV while it’s in your car and to keep it safely stowed somewhere it won’t move about and get damaged.

Can a 55 inch TV fit in a Toyota Corolla?

Toyota Corollas can fit a 55-inch TV in the backseats. It is reasonable to assume that you could put an average 50″ 55″ TV in a Toyota Corolla because of the smaller overall dimensions (56″ x 8″ x 36″).

Transporting a Flat-Screen TV in a Car?

Using bubble wrap and plastic film, cover the flat-screen TV in the original box or a moving blanket before transporting it in a car.

The best place to transport your TV in your car is in the footwells or behind the back seats. You should avoid lying the TV flat in the car because the glass could be shattered.


Will a 55 inch TV fit in my SUV?

When mounted upright, 43-inch TVs will fit in the majority of SUVs with no problem. When properly stored, a 55-inch TV will not fit in a smaller SUV. When it comes to getting a 55-inch TV into an SUV, some drivers have had luck simply laying it down flat.

A huge flat-screen TV may fit in a full-size SUV depending on the model. The only way to be certain is to take measurements of both your TV and vehicle.

Will a 60 inch TV fit in my car?

With the right automobile, you may be able to get away with a 60-inch TV. A 60-inch TV may not fit in your car because it needs to be secured vertically, but it might be laid flat across the back seats and still fit.

Can a 65 inch TV fit in a Toyota Camry?

In a Toyota Camry, a 65-inch TV will not fit. As it’s difficult to fit a 55-inch TV into a Camry, it’s highly improbable that a 65-inch TV will as well.

Can I fit a 55 inch TV in my trunk?

If your trunk is large enough, you should be able to squeeze a 55-inch TV in there. The TV, on the other hand, cannot be stored vertically; instead, the rear seats must be folded down and the TV laid flat. Due to the small aperture in the trunk of the Toyota Camry, a 55-inch television will not fit.

Can you transport a TV laying down?

If you must transfer a television in a car, it is possible to do so by laying it down. If your TV isn’t a Plasma (which is no longer manufactured), you don’t have to be concerned about it getting damaged when you lay it flat.

However, transporting a flat-panel TV can result in screen damage. Vibrations from a moving car might harm a flat-panel LED or LCD TV’s screen if it is laid flat on a table. It’s also possible that something could fall and break the screen if your TV is laying flat with other objects nearby.

What are the box dimensions of a 55 inch TV?

The majority of 50-inch and 55-inch televisions come in a 56-inch x 8-inch x 36-inch box.


You’ll need to use extreme caution when transferring your valuable television in your car. With a Toyota Camry, you can put a 55-inch television in your vehicle. Remember to keep your flat screen TV upright in your vehicle and to keep it in its original packing when transporting it.