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Projects: Miami Central Station

Intercity Buses

Intercity buses provide transportation between cities and rural areas, be it short or long distance. They usually offer limited stops making service faster and more efficient.

Greyhound is an example of a national intercity bus line, but regionally, all of South Florida's transit systems have come together to offer intercity service to all major cities and towns in the area, as well as the smaller communities that do not have accessible rail service via Tri-rail or Metrorail. A ground transportation center was built as part of the MIC's Miami Central Station to accommodate intercity buses offering service into Miami-Dade County.

Locally in Miami-Dade County, passage of the People's Transportation Plan, a half penny sales surtax as a dedicated funding source for transportation improvements, created the Municipal Transportation Plan. This plan has allowed municipalities within the county to obtain funds to finance transit projects. Some cities procured shuttles and/or trolleys and have initiated circulator services via shuttles and trolleys in their communities and could potentially offer connections to the MIC.

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