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Formula 1 is the top of motorsports, and it is going through some big changes in how it is run. Auto Bild said that Ross Brawn, who used to be in charge of Mercedes and Ferrari, will be in charge of Formula 1’s sports side.

The report says that the contract has been signed by both Brawn and the FIA, which is the group in charge of racing. But it’s still not clear when Brawn will be ready to take over. Jean Todt, who is in charge of the FIA right now, and Ross Brawn used to work together on the Ferrari F1 team. Brawn recently said that he would like to get back into F1, but not with a team. “I would never go back to a team,” he said. He told the Daily Telegraph, “I did everything I could as part of a team, but I would be repeating myself if I said more.” “It would be interesting to try to make F1 better, that’s for sure. It would be the only thing that might be worth looking into. If you ask me what F1 needs, I would say that it needs a plan, both a three-year and a five-year plan. My opinion is that we don’t have the best way to make that plan and carry it out over time.

After he gets this job, Brawn’s main responsibilities will be to lead the technical and sporting rules and act as a link between the F1 teams and the FIA. He will also be the new public face of Formula 1, according to a report from Auto Bild.

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Ross Brawn is the most well-known person in Formula 1. In the beginning of his career, he worked as a Formula 3 mechanic for March Engineering. In 1978, he joined the Williams R&D and aerodynamics department. After working with the Haas Lola and Arrows F1 racing teams, he switched to sports car racing and joined Jaguar to lead the design of the championship-winning Jaguar XJR14. In 1991, Brawn went back to Formula 1 and became the technical director for the Benetton F1 team. In 1994 and 1995, the team won the world championship. In the years after that, he helped Ferrari win many function Object() { [native code] } and driver championships between 1997 and 2006.

In 2008, Brawn joined the Honda F1 team. When Honda left F1, Brawn bought the team and changed its name to Brawn Team in 2009. The team was then taken over by Mercedes, and Brawn stayed with the team until 2013. The next year, he announced that he was leaving the team.