Updated at: 22-06-2022 - By: Lucas

Unlike small cars and mid-size sedans, big, bulky SUVs don’t get revamped so often. So, once they get a full update, you can be sure that nothing new is coming for a long time. Bye-bye, buyer’s remorse. This year, both the Ford Endeavour and the Toyota Fortuner got updates, making 2016 the year for people who like SUVs. Two of the best-known brands in the business now have new looks, more features, and more power.

In February, the Ford Endeavour came out. Already in November, the next-generation Toyota Fortuner is here to defend its title. Toyota didn’t really have to try hard, but they did it anyway. Even though the Fortuner was nearing the end of its life, it was able to hold its ground against the brand-new Endeavour. Even in February and March, the Fortuner sold almost twice as many units as the Endy. Ford was only able to beat the leader when they made 700 units per month for two months in a row, in July and August. Stocking up too much did cost something, though. In September, the American giant lowered the price of the Endy to get rid of its stock.

So let’s see how the two big ones look on paper and answer the two most important questions:

What do you need to buy?

What makes it worth buying?

New Toyota Fortuner Launched Rs 25.92 Lakhs-1

General Comparison

First, let’s talk about the general requirements.

It’s not even worth pointing out which one is better. In every way, the Endeavour is better than the Fortuner. Even if it means beating the Fortuner by as little as 2mm in something unimportant like height. Only the size of the fuel tank is the same between the two big boys.

Winner: Endeavour

Mechanical Comparison

Ford Endeavour Upto Rs 2.82 Lakh Price Cut-2

Now it’s time to get to the heart of the matter, also known as the powertrains and drivetrains.

*The sheet above only compares the diesel engines of the two competitors because the Endeavour doesn’t have a gasoline engine. Prices are given “ex-showroom” in Delhi.

The table shows that the Endeavour easily beats the Fortuner because it has a more powerful 3.2-liter engine and more power and torque. Peak power is also reached at a much lower rpm, so you don’t have to deal with loud engine noise when you’re going full throttle. All of that can also be bought for less money.

The Endeavour’s 2.2-liter engine isn’t the best, but it makes up for that with a much lower price tag. The numbers are still good, but they aren’t anything special.

If you want to keep your SUV for a longer time (15 years for petrol and 10 years for diesel), you only have one choice: the Fortuner. Here are the specific numbers for you.

Winner: Endeavour

Feature Comparison

In terms of features, the two are about the same. Each of them has something the other doesn’t.

The fact that the Fortuner doesn’t come in different trims is a plus and helps to keep things simple.

Notable things that the Endeavour has that the Fortuner doesn’t:

Seats in the third row that fold up automatically

Parallel park assist

Outside mirrors that get warm

Sunroof that works by power

Sliding sun visor

Rain-sensing wipers

Front parking sensors

System for checking tyre pressure (TPMS)

10-speaker sound system (Fortuner gets a 6-speaker system)

Cruise control (Not available on 2WD manual transmission variants of Fortuner)

Help getting up a hill (Not available on 2WD manual transmission variants of Fortuner)

Things that the Fortuner has that the Endeavour doesn’t have:

Keyless entry

Start with a button

The steering can be changed for reach

Sattelite navigation

LED headlights.

Standardly, the Endeavour has 7 airbags, but the Endeavour Trend only has 2.

A few features are missing from the Ford, but at Rs. 30 lakh, buyers expect some luxurious and fancy tech features like semi-automatic parallel parking, TPMS, sunroof, etc., which are missing from the Toyota.

The Endy loses some points because it doesn’t have push-button start, telescopic steering, navigation, or LED headlights.

Winner: Endeavour

Buy The Endeavour IF

The Endeavour is for you if you need a fully-equipped SUV and plan to get rid of it when it loses most of its value.

Ford’s alternative is a very good product that can compete with the market leader and beat it where it lives. Lower trims cost less up front, while higher trims let you spend more on features that were never seen in this category before.

You can find an Endeavour that is five to six years old for less than Rs. 10 lakh. If it’s in perfect shape, it might be worth a couple lakhs more. Based on the trend, it seems like the Ford SUV’s resale value drops a lot. So, keep this in mind if you want to sell the car early. Those who own a business can also use the Endy to save money on depreciation.

Buy The Fortuner IF

If you want a smooth ownership experience and plan to keep your SUV for a long time, spend the extra money and get the Fortuner. When it’s time to upgrade, you can also get the most money back because the residual values are higher.

The Fortuner has a history of keeping its worth. A 2010–2011 Fortuner with the same number of grey hairs as an Endy costs about Rs. 2–5 lakh more. That’s not a surprise, since used cars with a Toyota badge do sell for more. The Japanese company didn’t get here overnight, and the dealers have been working for decades to make sure their customers have a consistent experience.